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Yogyakarta Indonesia

Yogyakarta Indonesia is a city that you have a hard time not falling in love with. What is there not to like; airport close by, five star hotels, thick culture and history, lots to see, lots to eat and all at a reasonable price.

Although a lot of people see Yogyakarta as the center of culture and heritage similar and yet completely different to Bali, there are surprisingly fun activities to do with the family not too far from the city center. My wife did some research and insisted we go cave tubing. Cave tubing?

Want to Leisurely Float Through Caves?

What that means is that we sit on inflated tubes, let ourselves get wet and be pulled by a guide through an underground river system. Cool right? The tour lasts around 30 minutes floating face up through the cave, no currents; just enjoy watching bats sleep and crystallized stalactites glitter. At the end, the cave opens up to a cavity where one can swim or dive. This is also a cool place to take pictures since the sunlight beams through and gives the cave a beautiful natural ambience.

Should you choose to continue, you can keep on floating on a river for about 3 kilometers where at one point guests are allowed to swim under a waterfall and jump from a 10 meter cliff. I love water adventures and being able to enjoy this with my wife and my three year old son just made the experience even better. The absence of strong currents made the tour enjoyable for the whole family.

The cave tubing operators are easy to contact through their own website. Once you get there, vests and tubes are provided along with wet shoes. Showers and a small restaurant are available on site it is set up very conveniently to get clean and dry afterward and even refresh your physical being after and exhausting but rejuvenating excursion. Just remember to bring an extra pair of clothes, as you will get wet and small change is a must as it is customary to give guides a tip.

How to Find the Cave Tubing Around Yogyakarta Indonesia?

Goa Pindul is located in the Gunung Kidul area which is around a two hour drive from central Yogyakarta. Make sure you contact the cave tubing operators in advance as there are plenty of jockeys and agents wanting to get a cut in the lucrative business. I suggest you choose a weekday for this fun filled trip because there will be long waiting lines during the weekend and holidays. Happy tubing!             

There Are Plenty of Hotels in this Royal City

Jogjakarta is known as a student city and also has a special position in the Republic of Indonesia. The sultan does not have any powers anymore; he is still expected to be the Governor of the city. The royal palace is a very important cultural center for the people of Central Java and can be visited. The Prambanan Temple not far from the center hosts the yearly Java Jazz Festival.  Hotels and other accommodations are important and also abundant in Jogjakarta. Tom and Fithri love Green Host Hotel while Kathy and I stayed at Grand Quality Hotel near the airport.  

Tom's favorite in Cirebon, Aston Hotel

And here some accommodations in Bali:

A garden villa hotel in Tabanan mountains; a villa hotel in Jimbaran Bali close to the beach;  more villas in a back alley in Kuta

Yogyakarta Indonesia

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