Where is Bali in Indonesia: Geography?

The question: where is Bali in Indonesia is easy to answer. It is a hugely popular tourist destination with plenty of comfortable accommodation. It is also a relatively small island in a huge archipelago and is situated between the much bigger landmass of Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Bali is its own province and borders East Java on one side and Nusa Tenggara (the western part of the Lesser Sunda Island) on the other.

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Bali can be reached by plane from all major cities in Indonesia and of course many international airlines fly directly to Denpasar, Ngurah Ray airport. You can also take a ferry from the eastern most tip of Java to Gilimanuk the port in Bali and from Lombok to Benoa.

Where is Bali: Tourism

Bali has a Long Tradition of Hospitality

The first hotels have been developed approximately middle of the last century on Sanur Beach. And international tourists have been visiting this romantic, lush, friendly and very exotic island. The locals are very friendly and have been accommodating all these different tourists without leaving and forgetting their own roots and culture. 

Where is Bali in Indonesia: Mythology?

The story goes that Bali sits on top of the bedawang turtle that floats in the big ocean and is tied to it by two snake dragons. Whenever there is an earth quack, the turtle moved and the hope is that it gets back to its usual gentle float. Above the turtle exists the various levels from mankind up to gods. This represents the philosophy of Bali’s macro and micro cosmos.

Bali has developed its Own Unique Religion over the Centuries

The old believe system is called Bali Aga and is still practiced in a few villages. When the mighty Javanese Majapahit Empire collapsed under the weight of its own complicated and corrupt administration it was taken over by followers of Islam and many of the Hindu and Buddhist royals, priests and artists fled to the next island Bali.

Where to Position this Unique Religion? 

Dhangyang Markandeya (a venerable holy man) taught a belief on one Almighty God known as Sanghyang Widhi, to be worshipped in his many manifestations through offerings of three elements: fire, water and fragrant flowers. In time prayer and offerings became inseparable from daily life, necessary in order to ensure the blessing of every venture. This preoccupation with offerings or bebali dominated the everyday life that the island became known as Bali.

The Hindu religion of Bali, so essential to the pattern of life, is fondly called. ‘Agama tirta’, or the religion of holy water. Tirta is the element of purification, blessing and godliness in every Balinese ritual and ceremony. Unique in this world, this complex blend of Hinduism, ancestor worship and animism is structured in a series of rites and festivals that mark the stages of life from birth until death.

The divine order leads to one most important thing- balance, the ultimate goal of Balinese Hinduism; harmony and equilibrium of the two omnipresent and opposing forces, good and evil.

 (Excerpts from: Indonesia Bali Plus, An In-Depth Information Manual, published by Bali Tourism Promotion Board 1987)

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Where is Bali in Indonesia

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