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Here we answer your most important questions about vtam faq.

Contact: For bookings, information, administration, please contact Monika Sugiarto WA 0818155119

   For assistance while at Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara please contact Bang Pendi and Bang Aep 087870763405/ WA 08-129-418-4312  

Check-in: Starts at 14:00 and last check-out at 12:00 midday. We will wait for the arrival of our booked guests until late at night/morning. 

   Early check-in and late check-out, is only possible if there are no guests and there is a fee.

    At check-in we ask for your proof of booking, for example Agoda Voucher, and a passport or similar document issued for the same name.

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00, We will wait for the arrival of our booked guests until late at night/morning. Prospective customers who want to survey are requested to do it at midday when the villas are getting cleaned. Once guests have arrived, they cannot be disturbed anymore.

Number of Guests: For a pleasant holiday, we ask all guests to respect the maximum number of guests per villa. This is our policy and cannot be contested. We count as adults and payable guests, everybody over 12 years old, and children under 12 years old are free, sleeping in the same bed with parents.

Wi-Fi gratis: password ‘mutiara123’

Address: Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara is on Google Maps

Jl. Sindang Subur no 31. From the intersection of Taman Safari still go straight on Jl Raya Puncak towards Puncak Pass. At about 1,5 km you will arrive at ‘Warung Kaleng’ where everything is written in Arabic. Find the sign for Hotel Jayakarta and follow it. At about 200 m from entering the village street, on your left Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara.

Traffic Information: Weekends and public holidays the government implements a policy of opening and closing the direction of traffic to reduce congestion.

    The schedule is roughly like this:

   07:30 - 11:00 open from toll Jakarta towards Puncak Pass (closed from top to Jakarta)

   12:00 - 17:00 open from top towards Jakarta (closed from toll Jakarta towards Puncak Pass)

   This schedule is flexible, can easily change, depending on the government’s policy and traffic.

Activities: ‘Warng Kaleng’ at the main street offers supermarkets, an Arabic Bakery, restaurants, Al-Muqsith Mosque

    Towards Puncak Pass: Many restaurants, Pertamina gas station, Tea Plantation, Atta’awun Mosque Puncak Pass.

    Towards Jakarta: Taman Safari Indonesia, Cisarua market, Restaurant Cimori, Taman Mataharai, Restaurant Bavaria Haus and mch more.

Kitchens: Villa Alam 2+3 upper floor do not have kitchens. Villa Tunas 1+2, Villa Alam/ 2 Bedroom Deluxe Villa and Villa Mutiara each has a fully working kitchen with fridge, rice cooker. For full information and picture go to www.balihotelquack.com/villa-puncak.html.

 Towels: Each paying guest receives 1 bath towel.

 Non-smoking/Smoking: We do not have villas specifically for smokers/non-smokers.

Beds: Bed sizes are as per information and photos on our website or booking engines.

Parking is free: Villa Mutiara guests can park at the carport. Guests of the other villas can park either on the lower parking lot in front of villa Tunas and Alam, or next to Villa Mutiara.

Musholla: is in the public hall next to the swimming pool.

Library: is in the public hall nest to the swimming pool.

Swimmng Pool:

1.       There is no lifeguard at the pool. Guests are responsible for their children while using the pool.

2.       Please only wear cloth designed for swimming.

3.       Do not eat and drink while in the pool

Small shop: Located at the exit of the lowest gate of Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara.

Mosque: Located at the bottom, a few steps from the lowest gate of Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara.

Direct Booking: Can be done through Monika WA 0818155119.

Online Booking: Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara works with Agoda and Agoda works with other booking engines. Prices displayed at online booking engines are correct and accurate. The price of direct bookings and online bookings does not have to be the same. Prices that are displayed on other sites/blogs are not necessarily correct.

    Agoda guests: You have received a minimum of 3 emails from Agoda with important information. Please read them and make sure that the dates are correct, and you   understand our policies. All the information you need is in those emails.

     Agoda sends us a copy of your booking minutes within your payment.

Detailed Information including photos: about the individual villas www.balihotelquack.com/villa-puncak.html in English.

Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara is most suited for: Small families, who value safety, comfort, charm and friendliness at an affordable price.

    We are not the cheapest villa.

Groups: Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara consists of 6 units with a capacity of maximum 30 guests. The biggest Villa can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests. This policy cannot be disputed.

   We do not have a restaurant, catering; our guests cook themselves; most villas have a fully equipped kitchen, except Villa Alam 2 and 3.

Green Villa – Environmentally Friendly: We need to find better solution for trash disposal. The government only picks up trash twice a month. We invite you to help us keep our trash low by helping us to separate trash as follows:

   1.       ‘wet or green trash’ to compost

   2.       Plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles, etc.

   3.       Trash that cannot be used again for trash collection 2x a month

   4.       We appreciate you leaving less trash with us, thank you very much

The beauty products we offer our distinguished guests are of high quality, smooth on skin and hair and do not contain dangerous ingredients, so do our cleaning products, they are all environmentally friendly (bio-degradable). We do not use, artificial perfumes in our laundry, therefore there are no asthma or allergy triggers.

 Enjoy a relaxing holiday with us at Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara!

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