Villa Puncak; Bring your Family!

This perfect Villa Puncak is offering a quiet relaxing retreat, beautiful view, cool and fresh climate with spacious and clean rooms at an affordable price. Tunas Alam Mutiara is constructed by a local builder using local materials.

Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara in Bahasa Indonesia

If you have vacationed at Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara, please comment here

Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara is a Sundanese dwelling typical of the area. This is a three star accommodation consisting of 6 apartments or suits, perfect for a family vacation. Each unit offers 1,2 or 4 rooms with beds for 2 – 10 guests, bathrooms are simple, clean with hot water shower. The family rooms are fitted with a flat TV and international cable, you have a kitchen too.

The first vacation villa, Mutiara is now renovated and updated. It sits on the top terrace, at the main gate. It is a one story building with 4 bedrooms, 3 bath rooms, a living room and enclosed terrace, outdoor space and bale bengong and a kitchen.

The lower terrace hosts the swimming pool a meeting aula and two newer two story buildings with a total of 5 units, each offering 1 or 2 big bedrooms for 2 – 5 guests, bath rooms, family rooms with flat TV, and kitchen. Each unit has its own charm, either on the ground floor or upper floor. If you want to experience a unique accommodation, choose Alam 2 and 3 with their loft platform as sleeping area.

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Green or Eco Friendly Villa

We have a garbage problem here in Puncak, therefore, we ask you to help reduce waste: please classify all garbage into

1. 'Wet or food garbage' for compost

2. Plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles for recycling

3. The remainder for garbage collection ; only two times a month

Here you are in the Center

The main features of Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara is that it is only about 200 m from the main road, which gives guests easy access to all the mini markets, travel agents, money changers and restaurants there. Being located a bit back keeps the traffic noise out, the air clear and offers a great view over the surrounding villages and mountains

Tunas 1, lower floor,

10 Guests

2 bedrooms, 2x5 single beds, 2 bathrooms

family room, TV/Parabola

kitchen and terrace

Villa Tunas 1 Tugu Selatan bedroom

Tunas 2, upper floor,

4-6 Guests

2 bedrooms with queen size, 2 extra beds possible, 2 bathrooms

big terrace as family room, flat TV/Parabola

kitchen, dining area on terrace

Vila Puncak kamar tidur Tunas 2

Alam 1, lower floor,

4-5 Guests

2 bedrooms with queen size, 1 extra bed possible, 2 bathrooms

family room, flat TV/Parabola

Kitchen, no terrace

Villa Alam 1 Cisarua bedroom

Alam 2, Alam 3 upper floor,

3-6 Guests

Each villa 1 room, loft as sleeping platform, 1 queen size, 1 extra bed, 1 bathroom

family room under loft, flat TV, Parabola,

Connecting inside door 

No kitchen, coffee maker, no terrace

Tunas Alam Mutiara Villa Alam 2 loft

Mutiara 1 story,

8-10 Guests

4 bedrooms, 4 queen size, 2 extra beds possible, 3 bathrooms

2 family rooms, 1 flat TV/Parabola, dining room

kitchen, outdoor area, bale bengong

Villa Mutiara kamar tidur

Check prices here. Prices are time sensitive; please make sure you choose a date.

Warung Kaleng (Market for canned foods) is the name of this area, also Warung Arab (Arab’s shop) because here is where guests from the hot Middle East pass their vacation in this cool climate. When you visit this villa Puncak, you have the opportunity to explore Indonesian as well as Arabic culture in the restaurants and shops close by.

Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara is only about 10 min. by car to the famous Taman Safari or Safari Park, it’s about the same distance to Puncak Pass and its tea plantations and the restaurant with a panoramic view.

Easy to Find Tunas Alam Mutiara Villa Puncak

It's on Google Maps. From the traffic light Taman Safari, stay on the main street to Puncak. After about 1,5 km you will arrive at Warung Kaleng, all the writings are in Arabic. Spot a big sign on your right: Hotel Jayakarta, enter that street. After 200m you will see Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara no 31 on your left.

My Dream has finally come True

Have you guessed it yet? Yes, I operate this small lodging. I not only like to experience different accommodations in great places, I also have the experience to run this kind of business.

I grew up in a family hotel in Switzerland; both my parents were professional hoteliers and loved their trade. I preferred to work in the tourist industry, traveling and exploring the world. During that time I lived in hotels, sometimes for quite some time, like when I was posted in Bali and when we as a family moved to new international postings. I had married an Indonesian who was working for Garuda the Indonesian Airline.  All this kept me experiencing the travel and hospitality industries at close range.

When we were still posted in Tokyo, Japan, we bought our vacation home in the mountains south of the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. We have moved back to my husband's home land and are living here since more than 20 years now. Our vacation villa was amply used by family and friends together with us.

And now it is time to proof that I can do it! I always hoped to one day be able to use my knowledge and love of hospitality renting out our villa. Over the many years now we have completely renovated everything and also added more rooms. My biggest concern of course is cleanliness and comfort. Although I really would like to improve on the opulence; I have to keep a balance with what guests are willing to spend; this is not Bali!

Hope you come and visit us at Tunas Alam Mutiara, our villa Puncak! If you want to knw more and book, contact me       or       Book your room here. If you have stayed there please comment here.

We Aspire to be a Quality Accommodation

We are working hard to be the top choice in the Villa Puncak market. As a constant student of hospitality, I would like to one day visit this bed and breakfast in Somerset UK; an elegant English countryside cottage with contemporary features and impeccable service.

Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara in Bahasa Indonesia

Places to visit when at Villa Puncak:

Taman Safari  

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Cirebon, Yogyakarta

Villa Puncak

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