The smell of Bali...

by Tom

Bali is a destination I had the privilege of visiting as a child frequently. Bali was a popular family holiday destination. Upon going home my parents would always ask me "What would you miss the most about Bali?", my answer would always be : "The smell".

Whether its the airport, the hotels, lavish or not, the wet markets, souvenir shops and almost anywhere is Bali, offerings and incense are practically stepped on everywhere. Its part of the Balinese way of life.

I've always debated alone whether this was a wasteful way of living? So much work for what is practically thrown away. I pondered and pondered until the personal arguing melted away as the intoxicating perfumes or frangipani flowers, offerings and incense persuade me to let go of the worries I was worrying about and soak in whatever it is I was experiencing.

Suddenly trees looked greener, the sky was bluer and the view of a sunset reminded me how grateful I am of every breathe I took. For me the smell of Bali until today subconsciously means "a holiday". And I feel somewhat let down if I go on a holiday to a new place and it doesn't delivery the same twilight eeriness of Bali.

I miss Bali. I don't even bother to try and replicate the smell because I know deep down that replicating it is besides the point. I thank my parents for enriching my childhood with the memories of Bali, which with memories of the beautiful aroma, is burnt into my memories of "the ideal holiday".

I know that Bali has imperfections but just like the best bits of the world, the imperfections are what makes it breathtakingly unforgettable. I can almost smell it out of memory. Ow, how I long to go on a holiday...

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Dec 02, 2014
Thanks for reminding me Tom
by: Monika

Yes, Bali is also a fragrance!

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