Tangerang Banten Indonesia; a Hotel 

We decided to celebrate New Years Eve event in Tangerang Banten Indonesia.Tom and Fithri invited me to join them: Mom, you know we like the local singer Rio Febrian. He will be singing in a new mall in BSD Summarecon Digital Center Serpong  this New Years Eve. We are going to listen and you are coming along if you like. We will be staying overnight in a new hotel in walking distance from the event. It will be crowded and we don’t want to get stuck in traffic.” Of course I said yes, what an adventure!

The Fame Hotel in Tangerang Banten Indonesia

We arrived at Famehotel, Tivolli Distric Lot 3 Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, in the afternoon and had to wait for our room that was getting cleaned because the previous guests just left. We got rooms next to each other on the same floor. It is absolutely amazing how little a space you actually need just for a short stay. The room is dominated by the bed with a little walking space on both sides and at the foot. As it is the norm there are two side tables with lamps, alarm clock and a curved desk at the foot of the bed that fits comfortably into the minimal space.

After the entry door, on one side is the relatively big bathroom. The shower is almost the size that would fit a bath tub and is equipped with a fashionable rain shower head. Since this is a low cost hotel the toothbrush, cotton buds, shower cap and slippers are billed if you use them.

The suitcase stand is at the end of the bathroom wall just where the room opens up and on top of it, the empty space is used as an open closed, there are about five hangers. This is an absolutely brilliant idea and solution to small space living. In order to enlarge the bathroom, they scratched the closet and fixed it where one really needs and want it on top of your suitcase.

For me the room was spacious enough, I was by myself. If you are a couple like Tom and Fithri and bring your 3 year old along, then it gets a bit cramped.

We enjoyed a wonderful ‘Illy’ coffee in the coffee shop after arrival. The evening dinner, a buffet was included in the price and the hotel was full to the max. The choice was international. We all suggest though that the chef stick to what he knows, Indonesian and some Asian food. The Tom Yam was delicious, the spaghetti not so much.

The breakfast buffet also offered lots of choices from fruit to cereals to porridge (an Indonesian favorite) to selections of breads and Danish; there was even an egg station. 

Great Location

This hotel is very very well situated; it sits right next to a hospital. Across the street a conference and exhibition hub is getting built. It is in walking distance from the Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, an outlandish looking building and several malls.

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Tangerang Banten Indonesia

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