Taman Safari Indonesia; Fun and Education 

I am happy and proud to have a Taman Safari Indonesia or Safari Park of this quality and diversity in our country, not far from our Villa rental Tunas Alam Mutiara. It is located in Cisarua, Puncak; a mountainous area, about two hours drive out of the capital Jakarta. The cooler climate, I assume, is better for the many different animals that are housed and shown here.

It is a huge park in a densely forested area and it offers many attractions:

  1. A drive through Animal Park
  2. Animal shows
  3. Rides
  4. Food
  5. Lodge

 The biggest attraction is the animal park you can drive through in your own vehicle or in a bus. The carefully planned lay out, the different enclosures give visitors a great observation point of the different animals. There are no big walls, except to separate the specific areas for dangerous animals, and they are marked with double gates to make sure incompatible creatures do not meet.

While sitting in the car and driving through the park on narrow streets going around bends, up and down and even through creeks, you see animals in their enclosures grazing, relaxing. They rest on or under trees or even play in their own pools; and some of them follow you soliciting food. Some of them, llamas, zebras and camels might stick their big heads into your car if you keep your windows open to wide. Of course, the ones roaming are the gentle non aggressive ones. And still, these are wild animals, be careful anyway.

The enclosures are fitted well into the existing nature, sheds and feeding platforms look like they would exist in the natural habitats. The animals look healthy, well fed and relaxed. It is truly an experience I recommend:

Taman Safari Indonesia is Fun if you remember:

  • Choose a quiet day to visit (it will get very crowded on weekends, public holidays, children’s school holidays)
  • It can get very crowded especially around the big animals: elephants, rhinos, lions, tigers etc and the monkeys. The row of cars trying to observe can get very long.
  • Be patient and stay calm; wait your turn; move along with the traffic, do not hold it up too long. Remember everybody else also wants to take a picture from the vantage point.
  • Never ever leave your car
  • If it is quiet and you want to observe a specific animal make sure that other cars can pass you if they wish.

The exit of the Safari Park brings you to the entertainment center that is quite big too. Check out the schedules for the many different animal shows. There are also plenty of rides and a water park for your children to have fun. If you are hungry there are many different restaurants and food stalls to tickle your taste buds.

Enjoy; it is definitely worth the trip!

Our Villa Rental is Not Far from Taman Safari Indonesia

Tunas Alam Mutiara offers 5 units with 2 rooms for 4-6 or 10 people and als0 4 rooms for 8-10 people. These are simple comfortable and clean accommodations with a kitchen and living room for each suite. The view is vast, over mountains and surrounding villages. You will not be bothered by the traffic on the main street, and yet it is in walking distance, about 200 m to different restaurants and supermarkets. 

Many guests from the Middle East love to stay at our villas and then travel to Bali.

 Possible hotels offering privacy in Bali

18 Suites with private pool in Kuta; or this modern hotel in Seminyak TS Suites; these Villas in Ubud, Gino Feruci; our family Villa Eden the Residence at the sea.

Our Villa Puncak, Tunas Alam Mutiara is not far.

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Taman Safari Indonesia

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