Taman Mini Indonesia Indah; Beautiful Miniature Indonesia

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah has been planned and developed as a theme park to get to know the archipelago of Indonesia and also to show off the beauty and craftsmanship of its culture. Hotel Santika is next to it and also a good choice of new modern international and Indonesian chain restaurants so that you can spend days on end exploring mini Indonesia.

Ibu Tien Soeharto, the wife of the second president of the Republic of Indonesia has sponsored this recreational area. You can walk for hours along the avenue with the traditional houses. Dwelling places from all around the many islands have been brought here. They are built mainly in wood, to scale, also exhibit traditional costumes, utensils and furniture. In turn the communities observe special days with their unique celebrations in and around these residences. Religion and their places of worship too can be seen along this boulevard.

You do not have to walk all the Way!

You can admire it all by riding a cable car or a monorail over the whole park trying to identify the different islands that make up Indonesia as represented in the pond. (By the way the cable car is from Schindler, a Swiss company.) Tom, my son says: “We should build many more cable cars all around town, for example from mall to mall to reduce the absolutely ghastly traffic jams workers face every day to and from work!”

Enjoy Lots of Fun Activities Too at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Over the years the park has changed a bit and added more fun stuff. There is an exciting water park almost in the center. The IMAX Theater attracts quite some visitors. It is situated in ‘Keong Emas’ (golden snail) complex; and right next door are some sport facilities. There is a skate park, an outbound trail…

And there you find Dunia Inline Skate, Tom’s place. It is a banked inline or roller skating rink with coaches who can show you how to skate within minutes. Join the new fun Roller Skool and play games with your kids while learning to balance on skates. Of course, there you can also buy equipment; the jam-packed shop sells different brands for young and old and keeps the all so important spare parts in stock. This truly is fun for the whole family. It is a pity; Dunia Inline Skate here has been closed because Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is planning to build a hotel on this land. Tom has changed and developped his business into RollerSkool; an after school program, weekend and holiday programs and private classes, please find more information on his website Dunia Inline Skate. 

Bird and flower lovers can visit their respective areas in the back of the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah to learn and admire Indonesia’s riches in fauna and flora. Have you ever heard of the ‘Kris’ the magical weapon forged with metals originating from comets that fell onto earth. These sacred blades need quite particular care. They have to be bathed in flower water and treated with specific ointments to keep them in top shape. Here in TMII there is a museum which exhibits these rare objects and also cares for them for owners who are too busy. 

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a cultural park for busy people local and foreigners alike who can’t visit island and culture by island and culture. It is also a fun recreational area for the whole family; come and see.

This Hotel Offers You Proximity

Santika Hotels are Indonesian 3 star hotels offering good service and modern accommodation; and one of them is right at the door steps of Taman Mini Indonesia. Here you can avoid the epic traffic jams that Jakarta is known for. Around the hotel you will find many local in international food chains. This is definitely a strategic location to start your exploration of this well known and well established theme park. 

But first you have to get to Indonesia and Jakarta. Do you need a hotel in the capital in the main business and shopping district? It is best to have some local currency ready. Get to know Indonesia; here are some facts. 

Most of this site is about one of the islands of Indonesia; get a flight to Bali

Here are some of the hotels we visited in Bali

Harris Hotel close by the airport. Business kind hotels in Kuta Legian where the action is: Quest and Bliss Surfer. A new center for hospitality, hotels and restaurants

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

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