Surf Camp Bali Right Where You Hope It Be

Surf camp Bali is not difficult to find, it is right where it is supposed to be and where people can find it easily. Along Jalan Pantai Kuta, the main access to the famous Kuta beach. There are many bigger and smaller hotels, some internationally famous like Hard Rock and some local brands and some that have been here for quite some time like the elegant and serene KutaSeaView boutique Resort & Spa.

And then among all these thriving businesses I stumbled up to the Pro Surf School. I was planning to visit it and here I was right in front of it. Along the busy street of course, there is the restaurant with boardwalk tables and sofas; the bar is inside. I tremendously enjoyed a plate of piping hot pasta with pesto sauce, it was delicious.

Since I am not a surfer and neither are Tom and Kathy, I will just report on the location, the impression I got of the whole scene, while there.

Exciting Hotel Holidays at Surf Camp Bali

This school also offers a Surf camp Bali, accommodation for the serious students. You can choose between the low cost rooms with bunk beds separated for boys and girls. Sorry I can’t show you any pictures; guests were still sleeping after a heavy night of partying. For the better off, there are a few private rooms that are surprisingly quite luxurious and comfortable. We were allowed to see one while it was getting cleaned from previous guests. 

Between the restaurant / bar and the back end where the student rooms and the storage and lockers are located there is quite a big pool. While I was visiting, kids had great fun jumping off the first floor terrace into the dark blue waters. While on the other side surfers, maybe teachers and guests were chatting and relaxing on benches.

The Pro Surf School is of course a school with teachers and coaches instructing many levels of students, from beginners to intermediate and kid’s classes. I had the opportunity to look into a class that was conducted on top of the restaurant. It looks like a ballet studio with plenty of mirrors and some students on their boards were imitating the moves of a teacher. She gave lots of theoretical information and advice to fully prepare her flock for any waves. Watch a short video on YouTube or below

A Perfect Spot to Watch the Sunset

I thought it a pity that the deck on top of the restaurant that wraps around the first floor is not put to better use; it is a perfect spot to overlook the street and the beach… but you cannot easily be seen sipping your expensive drink up here.

The surf beach is just over the main street and offers some pretty good wave action I am told. The currents can sometimes be dangerous, so follow instructions of your instructor and the life guards.

More information:

Bali today offers accommodation on many beaches; the ones on the west side of the island are better for surfing. Check out Canggu.

Before you can go surfing you need to get here; do you need information on flights to Bali? Here is a way to get around Bali in a car.

Make sure you understand the ‘Bali Day’ if you come here in March

Surf Camp Bali

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