The Conference takes me to a Sanur Hotel

 “A Sanur hotel Bali is hosting our Toastmasters district 87 2nd Semi Annual Convention; the Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel” announced our District Governor.  “All of you need to be there!” Yes, I thought this time I need to attend; it is going to be a great experience and I can enjoy Bali at the same time.

The convention was booked in the Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, a complex just behind the golf course and Inna Grand Bali Beach hotel. It is conveniently located at a busy intersection, where the Bypass meets the street that leads down to the Indian Ocean in a 5 minute walk. There you find the promenade; a well-located stroll and bicycle way that winds along Sanur Beach. Along the way you can shop souvenirs and enjoy a snack in one of the many hotels and restaurants. On Saturday and Sunday mornings it is busy with locals who come out to exercise and have fun at the same time.

I Present to You a Contemporary Sanur Hotel; Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel

It is built on a long stretch of land. The swimming pool is narrow and winds in-between two buildings that house all the guest rooms. They are comfortable with all amenities one can expect of a four star hotel. The garden is designed in a modern minimalist style with just a hint of Bali. The lobby on the other hand is constructed in what I call typical Balinese architecture that was very much in style 30 years ago. Coconut tree trunks support an intricately woven roof made of palm fiber. Wood carvings and a huge traditional chandelier finish this opulent and open concept Hall fit for kings.

Since I was there for a convention, I with all my friends spent lots of time in the Ball room. It is modern, comfortable, and grand and of course has all the technical attributes to host conventions. Within all this modern-day amenities we find a stage adorned with Balinese elements: a carved split temple gate, 2 ceremonial umbrellas and tropical flowers and plants.

My Idol was going to be there!

One of the reasons I had to attend (besides traveling to Bali and checking out a Sanur hotel) was the star speakers. Two famous Indonesian speakers Prie GS and Hingdranata Nikolay offered knowledge and entertainment. The big international celebrity though, the one I was coming to see, my idol and mentor Craig Valentine gave the keynote speech and a enlightening seminar. It was the first time for him to travel to Bali and he was enchanted.

As a retired basket ball player he decided he needed to move his body and he went for a jog in the middle of the day, the only time in his busy schedule that allowed for it. I waited for him at the entrance of the promenade; after half an hour he had not come back. After one hour still I could not see him, I started to get worried; but where should I look?

Finally I saw him strolling toward me: “I am exhausted. It is really hot here in Bali. I did not expect to be affected by this climate.”! He gasped. This is a lesson for all you who read this page and enjoy sports. Follow the local’s example and stay out of the sun during midday.

Craig loved Bali he was very impressed by the friendliness of the people; he will be back with his family. I too enjoyed the convention, I learned a lot and met many old and made new friends. I enjoyed this Sanur hotel; it is conveniently located and comfortable.

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Sanur Hotel

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