Padang Indonesia and Island Hopping

Padang Indonesia, here again, we invite you to explore more than just Bali with its fantastic choice of hotels. Sumatra too has plenty to offer, when it comes to great cities, museums with ancient artifacts and varied cultures. The choice of accommodation though is somewhat limited.  

Padang is the main city of Sumatra Barat (West Sumatra). A province located on the western seaboard of the island of Sumatra. This is a mountain city; its altitude is over 1,000 m above sea level and has about 1,000,000 inhabitants. It is a green and clean city having received the ‘Adipura’ award 18 times. It is a great city to explore high in the hills and yet close to the sea. And this is the city to experience the very well known and typical padangnese cuisine.

It is the fast food of Indonesia. As soon as you enter a Padang Restaurant and sit down, the waiters rush to your table with a throng of little dishes in their hands. A kind of a buffet is set up in front of you and you choose what looks inviting to you. At the end of the meal, the waiter will calculate exactly what you eat and put it on your bill to pay. The famous Rendang (Beef Stew) is a must eat here and yes, be careful Padang food is quite spicy. 

Here from Padang Indonesia, you can Island Hop to Swarnadipa

Swarnadipa is a newly established destination located around 45 minutes by car and another 45 minutes boat ride from the city of Padang. Swarnadipa is not the most luxurious of places, having only 5 cabins as an overnight option with a kitchen, showers, and toilets; and that is pretty much it.  Most of the resort to come is still under construction. If you are up for a “raw” island experience away from the huge crowds of Bali then this place is worth an adventure. 

Make sure that you are adequately prepared; take insect repellent along among your basic necessity. Only expect minimal amenities that are normally available in resorts. Besides staying overnight, taking a day trip is also an option. Taking the first boat out at 10 am and going back to Padang around 5 pm. Within the package, the activities included are island hopping, simple water sports activities, underwater photography options and a lunch. 

That is Padang and Swarnadipa for you; on the brink of being developed and overrun by the masses, today still an insider tip for the locals and adventure hungry. 

Bali Hotels are Always Awaiting you for Relaxing Holidays

You can also island hop in Bali, Lembongan is already known and has some pretty neat accommodation. Take a cruise with a traditional Phinisi ship out of Benoa harber Bali. 

Go beyond Bali to enjoy luxury at this beach resort in Kalimantan or better yet travel to the tiny spice island archipelago of Banda, the starting point to this and other islands is Ambon.

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