Nusa Dua Hotel Complex Keeps You Safe

A split gate is the entrance to the upscale Nusa Dua Hotel Complex. This kind of gates are erected at important temples and landmarks in Bali. (The first one you might have seen is at the airport Ngurah Rai). This Complex was built as tourist heaven, clean, organized in a lush tropical garden with luxury services. 

Many lavish hotels have secured a big plot along the shallow yellow sand beach. As everywhere in Bali beaches are public property and anybody can walk or sit along them. Hotels usually offer plenty of daybeds on their premises along the beach with the swimming pool not far either. Hotels also employ security guards at the entrance of course and at the beach to make sure not just anyone strolls in.

In olden days we entered the complex through the elegant split gate; today vehicles have to take a detour through a check point; and that is why Nusa Dua is favored for international congresses and meetings. Security can be enforced very strictly. 

The hospitality capacity and support services too are geared toward international meet ups even sports events. And of course you as an individual traveler can also find amazing amenities to let you experience unforgettable vacations. 

Nusa Dua Hotel Complex; some of the Accommodations

In order to make it easy for tourists to get a good glimpse of Bali without having to travel throughout the island in longer and longer traffic jams, there are plenty of activities available right here in this beautiful, lush and well maintained park.

Things to Do without Traffic Jams

  • Surf and Turf water park with slides and jumps; 
  • Museum
  • Bali National Golf Club 
  • BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua
  • Devdan Show at Bali Nusa Dua Theatre
  • Waterblow, a place to observe a natural water phenomenon 
  • Pirates Bay Bali restaurant 
  • Galeria Nusa Dua Mall
  • Japanese, Chinese, Balinese and many more restaurants 
  • Shuttle bus connecting the different points throughout the complex

You do not see typical Balinese daily activities, since this complex has been constructed exclusively for the hospitality industry. The mobile little kitchens you see all over Bali are not allowed in. The small warungs or eateries too, are tucked away in small alleyways and next to parking spots. They are mostly frequented by drivers and locals visiting the beach on weekends. 

Please do come and spend a few relaxing and invigorating days at Nusa Dua, you will love it. 

Nusa Dua Hotel Complex

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