I Found  New Bali Hotels in Sanur

New Bali hotels like Villa Mahapala spring up every year in different parts of the island. I wanted to go back to Sanur; an old friend invited me for coffee to her favorite beach side cafe at Sindhu Beach. I was excited seeing the well known Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel again. When I worked in Bali for Air Tour Suisse years ago, this hotel was one of the choices in our program and I came here often to visit with my guests.

Today I went to see one of the very new hotels though; one that is just behind Sindhu Beach Hotel, 2 minutes from the beach and is a Villa hotel. From the street and the entrance I could immediately see that the theme is not typical Balinese; the focus is on the Zodiac. A white Monkey statue and signs of the zodiac decorate the fountain at the entrance.

Villa Mahapala a Stylish Addition to Sindhu Beach

A friendly front office agent showed me the property. The basic color is white or light. I cannot see the carvings on walls and doors that typify Bali. These Villas are quite big with a private pool and comfortable long chairs. The interiors of the bedrooms are effortless, elegant with beautiful finishes and unique artwork depicting a modern form of the zodiac signs again.

There is plenty of wood used on walls, furniture and blinds. Modern  benches and chaise longs give it a very clean and contemporary touch. Each room has its own bathroom, some have double sinks and a big bathtub and an outdoor shower. 

This hotel does serve breakfast that you can enjoy on your private open veranda or sitting room with dining table; or in the restaurant. There is no working kitchen in the bungalows; you can always order food from eateries outside and of course the in-house restaurant. 

Watch my short hotel video on YouTube

Villa Mahapala has a bigger central infinity pool next to the international café with its big open terrace. There is a library and a fitness center available to hotel guests too. Since the public area is a bit higher up we can admire the beautifully thatched roofs of the villas from here. Today it is very difficult and expensive to have this traditional roofs made from alang-alang grass (Imperata Cylindrica) They look very natural and typically Bali. 

This one of New Bali Hotels is Situated in a Center

The location of Villa Mahapala, Jl. Pantai Sinduis excellent; just a few paces from Sindhu Beach with its sandy shore. It is about midpoint of whole and long Sanur and offers a convenient walkway all along it. There are plenty of restaurants, hotels, shops, souvenir markets, activities like bicycle rentals and water sports available all along this way. It is a gathering point for tourist and locals alike, especially on weekends and holidays. 

New Bali Hotels

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