Monika Sugiarto, the Mom

I am the Mom, Monika Sugiarto the head of the family and the driving force behind this site. I grew up in Switzerland in a family hotel. My parents were passionate hoteliers and we children were immersed in it from an early age.

My calling though was in tourism. I just had to travel the world and experience it in all its beauty and glory. I also wanted to learn and participate in other cultures and discover new ways of looking at life. I worked for a tour operator and was posted in the Canaries, Greece, and Bulgaria. Later I traveled to Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Mauritius. Finally I was offered an opportunity to tour the Far East including Bali. That is where I met my husband.

Toto Sugiarto was working for Garuda the Indonesian airlines and my travels continued. First we were posted to Jeddah Saudi Arabia; then our son was born in Rome Italy, in Frankfurt Kathy our daughter joined us and on we went to Los Angeles USA. We spent three years in Tokyo Japan; one year in Sydney Australia before returning to Jakarta where my husband worked in the head office.

Throughout our moves around the world we always came back to Bali for vacations. I still consider Bali my second home although I am now living in Jakarta. From the first time I stepped on Bali I fell in love with its beauty, art and mysticism. Bali is where I met my husband and this did change my life drastically.

I am also back in the hospitality industry. I am operating a small apartment / hotel rental in Puncak, a mountain resort two hours drive to the South of Jakarta. I still love to travel and Bali is still my favorite destination.

Who are the duck quackers?

We are the Sugiarto family, we have known and vacationed in Bali throughout our lives and we all, including Fithri and Azzam Tom's wife and son, feel very much at home there.

Throughout the pages of this site I will take you through the development of Bali. How it has grown from a - two tourist beaches destination - to the magnitude of locations and accommodations it now offers. The kids will talk more on the modern, new and fashionable aspect expected by young guests and families.

Bali is still Bali and it is very much established in the 21st century. Please come back often to see the updates we made to Bali Hotel Quack!

Monika Sugiarto and Family, Bringing Bali Hotels and Much More Closer to You!

Meet Monika Sugiarto family

Could You do a Site like mine?

Yes, of course you could! If you have a passion for something and some knowledge and would like to tell the world and help people you are the right person to do this. Oh, you are not a web master; do not have a clue how to set up a website? Welcome to my world, I did not know and am still not able to ‘code’ pages.

I chose a system that explains exactly where to start… and no, do not start with the name. Start with research first. This system gives you all the information, software, tips and tricks you need to be successful. Just follow it to a tee and you will be successful! What is the name of the system?

Site Sell

Here are some other people who are developing their businesses, successful travel sites with the same system. Giuseppe Ciotti is inviting you to visit the majestic and beautiful Dolomite Mountains in Italy.

Ray Clark an Englishman has moved to the Ukraine, Europe many years ago and loves all the aspect of this hidden gem. Go visit before everybody else has discovered its beauty.

Monika Sugiarto

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