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The Beach House    

If for business reasons you end up in Balikpapan Kalimantan Indonesia, come to this restaurant to show or remind you what your hotel in Bali is like. This part of Indonesia is where the oil business is up front and center. The city and the area do not have many tourist spots and activities like for example Bali. It is interesting to explore this still rugged and wild area. 

A restaurant you need to visit when in Balikpapan is The Beach House. And yes, of course, it is at the beach. It is not at a bathing beach, although the sand is fine and yellow, it looked like people come here exclusively to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant. 

The Beach House Restaurant

When entering it, it felt like something that one would find in Bali. The tables are arranged under shading trees on the sand, inside a garden, or more exposed on the concrete terrace on top of the beach. Typical Balinese flags flutter in the sea breeze and Balinese music is played. The inside of the restaurant showcases lots of antiques, Dayak statues, wood carvings, Balinese paintings, wooden furniture and a very comfortable waiting area in front of the few toilets.

There is a typical house on stilts and thatched grass roof in the garden. It is used as Musholla or prayer room for Muslims. It looks like people come here to enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Since we are in Balikpapan, the menu is quite international; lots of things to choose from. I had my doubts about the quality and taste of some these; and I was pleasantly surprised, everything we ordered tasted excellent. 

It is a fun place to be for kids; while waiting for the food they can build sandcastles in the sand. Bring along the necessary toys and tools though. As everywhere in Indonesia, also here we found some trash and Azzam had fun using used and washed up water cups and bottles; although he would have wanted to have proper toys there. 

We came to the restaurant late afternoon. Since The Beach House is on the east coast of Kalimantan Indonesia facing toward Sulawesi, there was no perfect sunset to photograph; and we enjoyed ourselves anyway. 

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