Indonesia Yogyakarta Hotel GQ

Indonesia Yogyakarta Hotel GQ is what I would call a classic hotel very close to the Adisutjipto Aoirprt; therefore easily reached from Bali or anywhere else for that matter. It has an elegant old world charm to it and is very well maintained and yet keeps up with art and modernity.

Indonesia Yogyakarta Hotel GQ is Clean, Modern and Javanese

Before booking I did read some guest comments, they were quite good and we were looking for a hotel close to the airport and Prambanan Tempel. We were only going to spend a few hours sleeping here and still, I am always looking for an experience, no matter how little time I have. 

I was really surprised walking through the modern glass doors into the lobby. This huge four story high entrance hall was a must years ago and is still impressive and also beautiful. The elevators looking like Middle Eastern balconies moving up and down and forming a magical focal point. The light fixtures, marble floors and sofa arrangement reminiscent of old school hospitality. 

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We were checked in very efficiently and sent to our room on the fifth floor. On the way I had to admire the beautiful classical and tropical floral arrangements and the modern artwork decorating different parts of the lobby walls. Our room turned out to be big with two beds. I like the efficient arrangement of closet and suitcase stand at the entrance opposite the bathroom before one actually walks into the room. Although it is carpeted, there was no bad smell, we felt immediately at home. The former mini bar has turned into an empty fridge which we would have appreciated had we stayed more than a night. 

The breakfast was served in a beautifully decorated coffee shop. It is situated just before the outdoor area with swimming pool and daybeds. We enjoyed the interior that felt old school and modern at the same time. There are banquets and different kinds of chairs to choose from. The partitions, art work on the walls and bird cage lamp fixtures give this restaurant a cozy, intimate and friendly atmosphere. 

The breakfast buffet arranged on different sides offered a huge variety of food choices. From typical Indonesian bubur, to mie, semur, curry and then potato wedges, European style breads, Danish and Croissants to the necessary fruit, yogurt, salad, juices and the compulsory coffee and tea. And of course, separate inside a little kitchen is the egg station, where you can have them cooked according to your preferred technique. We did enjoy our stay at this Indonesia Yogyakarta Hotel GQ, although we had little time. 

From Sleepy to Modern Airport 

I remember the Adisutjipto International Airport of Jogjakarta from a long time ago. It used to be a sleepy provincial hub with one landing strip, one building and not much more beside the military base that started it all.

Today we still walked into a similar building I remember. Although now there are more baggage belts and the arrival hall is much bigger. A new underpass gets the crowds right out to the pick-up point where our rented car with driver stood by. And we reached our booked hotel GQ in a matter of minutes.

Adisujipto is pretty much in the center of town now and it only takes about 20 minutes to drive to the famous Prambanan Tempel and our destination for this short excursion. We wanted to be part of the Prambanan Jazz Concert 2016 held every year at this historical site.

Not Far from Your Bali Hotel  

Indonesia Yogyakarta Hotel GQ is very close by the airport and pretty much in the city of Yogyakarta, it is an easy and interesting outing from your relaxing holiday in Bali. Jogjakarta and Java are quite different and to experience the slow pace here and visit some ancient temples and palaces adds to your overall impression of Indonesia. 

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Indonesia Yogyakarta Hotel GQ

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