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Indonesia vacation package Java page offers you special trips through Java including hotels; only a short flight from Bali. Your holidays are precious; you want to see and do it all and we help you do just that. Here we collect unique and fully thought through trips so that you do not lose time wondering where to go and what it is you are looking at. 

We have done most of these trips and will continue to explore and update new and exciting journeys for you to experience. We choose professional tour operators or travel agents. That means that we might adjust and change our partners to be able to offer you the best. 

Most of these excursions are individual or private, tailored to your traveling dates and wishes. You get your own car or bus depending on the number of your party and a local guide (speaking your language if possible). Please read through our basic offerings and if you are interested in any of them, or have a specific wish, please fill in the form here. There is plenty of room for you to explain what you envisage. And yes, we will contact you directly to discuss details further.

Continue reading for packages on the island of Java. Banda Naira an important spice hub centuries ago is an interesting, adventurous trip off the beaten track. 

Very Rare and Unique Opportunity 

Experience Original Javanese Culture inside the Palace

Sri Sultan of Surakarta/Solo invites you

To his Coronation Anniversary in April

extremely limited seats; 1-hour flight from Bali

Here is detailed information 

Explore Intriguing Solo Anytime  

The Keraton or royal palace

The culture in an opera performance

Batik an amazing history

Street food


A Royal Javanese Hotel

Please fill in the form here if you are interested

Experience a unique Jazz Festival

Prambanan Jazz International Music Festival

August (Jogjakarta, Java), 1-hour flight from Bali

This International Music Festival runs over 3 days in August and the back drop is a beautiful ancient Hindu temple in Central Java, accessible from Yogyakarta. You will be treated to famous local and international artists.

Kathy and I enjoyed it very much in 2016

Indonesia Vacation Package; Surprising Jogjakarta Anytime   

- The city and vicinity have plenty to offer: Return and admire the ancient Prambanan Tempel dedicated to Brahma Vishnu and Shiva. It has been declared a National Cultural Property in 1998 and is the backdrop of the Jazz festival above. It is situated very close to town, mainly the airport.

- About one hour out of town you will find the famous Borobudur Temple a UNESCO HERITAGE site . It is one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world.

- The center of the city of Jogjakarta revolves around the Keraton or the palace. It is a must visit if you are interested in Javanese traditions. There are also many stories and myth derived from the life of the royal family. The Sultan still resides inside this palace in private quarters.

- Visit the famous shopping and entertainment street Malioboro; come at night and taste the typical Yogya dish called Gudeg.

Please fill in the form here if any of this interests you and we will get back to you with more details.

Indonesia Travel Agents Offerings

Ont this page we give local travel agents the opportunity to post their ads and information. Please have a look and book directly with them. 

Booking of your Hotel In Bali

Travel to Java before you fly to Bali, there are flights to central Java Solo and Jogjakarta from Jakarta or other towns including to and from Bali. You can book a hotel before and after your you join one of the Indonesia vacation package or keep the hotel room for the two or three nights so that you can store your big luggage there and get your 'old' room back. 

We are collecting independent travel agents here and give them a chance to advertise their programs

Indonesia Vacation Package Java

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