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Join us on this Indonesia vacation package beyond Bali. Exchange your luxurious accommodation for an adventure. Travel back into the history of the spice trade and colonialism. Come with us and discover where the spices Nutmeg and Mace have originated. 

They were at the root of extremely bloody battles between locals and colonial forces because they were useful as flavorings, medicine and preserving agents and they were rare and therefore worth more than gold centuries ago. Even the island of Manhattan, today’s important financial hub, played a crucial role. It was exchanged for the island of Run in a contract between the British and the Dutch.

A Truly Unique Opportunity to Celebrate 350 years Run/Manhattan Handover  

October 20-25 2017

Although the Bandas are beautiful any time of the year this trip we are offering here is for a specific purpose: October 2017 is reserved for a particular ceremony: The remembrance of the treaty and the handover of the two islands Manhattan and Run (in New York the main festivities are planned for August). You will participate in the festivities and watch these unique highlights:

  • Parade Kora-Kora traditional boat race (ships typical to this region, about 10 m long and very narrow with up to 40 rowers, it is/was used for trade and also war
  • Cakalele the Dance of the warriors 

The Banda Islands are 10 tiny little islands in the middle of the vast Banda Sea south of the island of Seram in the Malukus. They are still not on the general tourist bucket list, but they are beautiful, the people are friendly and their history is laden with adventure, crisis, sweet fragrances and fierce battles. Diving and snorkeling in pristine waters are further attractions for the ones in the know.

Do not expect Bali Accommodation

Please do not expect the five-star hotels of Bali with their superb international service and choices. Enjoy real traditional Indonesian hospitality and delights. You will need to fly to Ambon, the capital of the Maluku islands. From there the travel will continue either by motor boat (about 5 hours) or small plain about 45 min to Banda Neira with clean Home stays serving local foods, a Dutch Ford; visits to tiny islands with the purest sand beaches, an opportunity for snorkeling and plenty of culture you have not seen yet. 

This Indonesia vacation package Banda Naira includes:

  • If you wish we arrange your flight from Jakarta or Bali to Ambon (optional)
  • Travel from and to Ambon - Banda Neira
  • Accommodations including breakfast, lunch, dinner; 3 nights in Banda and one night in Ambon
  • Visit the Nutmeg and Mace groves; with ample explanation of course. 
  • Joining in the festivities to remember the Treaty of Breda Pulau Run on the island of Run
  • Parade Kora Kora ships 
  • Cakalele warrior dance
  • Visit the islands of Ay and Sjahrir
  • Snorkeling opportunities
  • Insurance (for international travelers, please contract additional international insurance)
  • Permits and IDs as necessary for visitors

The price of this tour (depending the exchange rates):

meeting point in Ambon about $ 600.--

Including flight to and from Jakarta or Bali $800,000

If you are interested, please fill in the form below and we will send you more details. Please notice that this will be a very small group, maximum 10 guests. 

I have signed up for this unique opportunity to learn a bit about the spice trade, its history, see where and how they grow and watch a very special treaty commemoration. Come along!

Find detailed information on the Banda Islands here.

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Indonesia Vacation Package BandaNeira

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