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The shopping street known as Malioboro is a must for Indonesia traveling. The center of the royal city of Jogjakarta on the island of Java is an interesting adventure away from Bali. Although the two islands are very similar they are different including the hotels. Our plan was to stay close to the busy street of Malioboro so that we could walk there anytime we wanted. And we did. We walked the traditional shopping side of Malioboro, crossed over to the new mall, observed how the pop-up restaurants get set up for the whole night and of course enjoyed a plate of Gudeg traditional dish.   

Accidentally we visited the city on a public holiday; it was crowded and all the accommodations we picked were full. The only one still available was Hotel 1001 Malam/Night. I thought this is either a dream come true or an absolute nightmare.

Traveling from Solo, we took the train because the hotel is just across the Tugu Station in a very small alley where no car can take you. We had to walk about 100 m from a main street and passed several home stays, small hotels, restaurants and shops, even a Mosque. 

Do Not Give up too Easily

The story goes that the old Losmen Bagus on this plot belonged to a big family. When the father died the grown up children could not agree on how and who would take it over or run it so they sold it at a very cheap price to an Egyptian investor. The new hotel on two floors with less than 20 rooms is arranged very efficiently on a tiny plot of land and very well thought through. This three-star accommodation is far from luxurious, but it has a unique character and charm. 

Indonesia Traveling Took us to Hotel 1001 Malam

The focal point is a central courtyard with an amazing number of palm trees and other plants shading small groups of tables and chairs. Each room has a sitting area along this court yard on the ground and a balcony on the second floor. Upstairs there is even a veranda arranged like a restaurant where guests can rest, overlook the alleyways and roof tops. There as well as in the downstairs courtyard is a table with thermos jugs filled with hot water; you have a choice of coffee and tea for breakfast or throughout the day. 

We had breakfast included and were asked upon check-in to order our favorite dish from a list. The choices are basic like a Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) or omelets or a sandwich and might include a fruit juice. It will be brought to your room at your preferred time, and that is when guests enjoy the central court yard.

Each room features a different modern painting made by a Jogja artist. The beds are made of wood, are comfortable with batik sheets and a modern duvet and an air conditioner, Jogjakarta can get quite hot. Of course, you have a hot water shower, a toilet, and a sink. The layout and feel though is a bit awkward, or let's say not the most modern.

Oh, I need to tell you the end of the hotel story. I heard the former owners regret having sold their hotel/losmen; this one, 1001 Malam is quite successful! Kathy and I found it charming. 

There are Many Small Hotels in Bali

Indonesia traveling will give you opportunities to experience many different accommodations. Bali has the biggest choice as of today. There are plenty of luxurious beach front resorts waiting for you as well as tugged away gems. Here we show you some gems:

Gino Feruci Billa in Ubud

A beautiful Garden Hotel in the mountains Kebon Villa Tabanan

Villa Jegeg not far from Jimbaran beach

A surfer hotel far from the beach Bliss Surfer Hotel

Vidi Villa Batubulan in a rural area between the beach and Ubud and a more luxurious version in the same village calle Bumi Lingga 

Indonesia Traveling

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