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Indonesia travel information Surakarta transport was a real surprise. In Bali one has to take taxis to and from hotels; here we took public buses and it was easy and well organized. Kathy and I, we do understand the language that makes travel much easier in these parts of the world. 

But it really worked and we were in awe. Our present president Bapaka Joko Widodo or Jokowi as he is lovingly called was the governor of Solo/Surakarta. And this started his meteoric rise in politics. He is firm and abides by the law; wants a better city and today better Indonesia for everybody also the poor. He was and still is able to clean up corruption and nepotism and improves infrastructure and the whole image of the country, because he is aware and proud of Indonesia’s riches, resources and also people, history and culture. 

We came to Solo to see what difference he made to this typical Javanese city and were wondering if we can still see or feel changes he made. 

Arriving at the airport, we decided to ignore the taxi stand and instead go straight to the empty bus counter. “Yes of course you can take a bus to town, it leaves about every 10 to 15 minutes" was the answer. The price for Kathy and me was half of a that of a taxi. While the taxis are parked right outside the terminal we had to walk a bit, across the parking lot to the blue bus.

And yes, it was an old bus not very comfortable but the trip was not too long. Upon entering the bus we asked the driver for information: “do you pass our hotel?” He explained that we will have to change bus. Arriving on a main street in town he stopped next to a new city transit bus and signaled the driver to wait. 

The same ticket from the airport was still valid on this bus and the conductor, a women told us where to get off. A few steps walk and we were at The Royal Surakarta Heritage, our hotel. Hope this Indonesia travel information Surakarta transport is helpful to you; we found it efficient, affordable and very friendly .

During our stay in Solo we either walked or used Becak or cycle rickshaw for short distances and to understand and observe daily life and used taxis for longer distances. Becak also come with motors so they should be called motor rickshaws I guess.

Indonesia Travel Information Surakarta; Effective Trains  

From Solo we decided to travel to Yogyakarta. My Google map said that a train ride would take about half the time or about 1 hour. By car it takes about 2 hours because of traffic and is also much more expensive if you have to hire one. The street from Solo to Jogjakarta passes by the famous Prambanan Temple, and there is no train stop there. You would need to go by car if you want to visit. 

At the train station the ticket counter was quite crowded but lines were organized and information on sign boards was clear. Sadly the cheaper train had sold out and we had to wait for the more expensive (still cheap) but faster train. Again the open waiting hall was clean and offered plenty of seating. Toilets were clean but messy. 

The train arrived and departed on time, the seats not luxurious were all we needed. Amazingly under the little table under the window there were two electrical plugs to charge hand-phones. The information over loudspeakers on upcoming stations were explained clearly; very important since this train went through to Jakarta a trip of about 9 hours.

We chose a small hotel close by a train station in Jogjakarta; and of course, we arrived at the wrong station. We still needed to take a taxi; but we arrived safely and satisfied with our trip and had a blast figuring out Indonesia travel information Surakarta transport.

Hotels Bali and Solo

Since we came to Solo or Surakarta to join a special ceremony at the Keraton or palace, we decided to set the tone by staying in The Royal Surakarta Heritage Solo by Sofitel. This is a true treasure for Javanese Culture. 

An old style similar and very different hotel in Bali might be Balquisse

We also stayed in Solo at the very affordable Aziza Hotel by Horizon an Islamic Boutique Hotel; it  hotel has a beautiful prayer hall. 

Indonesia Travel Information Surakarta Transport

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