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Indonesia travel information Solo food gives you a glimpse into the island of Java not Bali. The culture, landscapes, even hotels might look the same to foreign visitors, they are not; they are very different. Although the cultural heritage is the same, the Majapahit Empire of East Java, the main difference today is the religion, which of course influences the culture, dress code and other aspects of life.  

Street food is the ultimate enjoyment when visiting Solo. By street food I mean little eateries that are scattered throughout the center of town along busy streets or little alley ways. Either they have a permanent stall their and open their doors at specific times; or they set up a tent mostly at night and sell their precooked meals to passer bys. 

So please do not expect a table cloth, perfect matched or mismatched china, perfectly trained waiting staff, long list of items to choose from and/or a super clean powder room. On this page Indonesia travel information Solo we just talk about the unique and cheap food locals eat. 

Indonesia Travel Information Solo; Glorious Street Food 

Nasi Liwet Bu Wongso Lemu

Address: Jl. Teuku Umar, Keprabon, Banjarsari

The first night Kathy and I had dinner at Nasi Liwet Lesehan Ibu Wongso Lemu. a small eatery tucked away in a long alleyway. I later learned that this is just one of the eateries the family owns. The mother and other sisters have set up shop also along the same alley. Which one is the best? 

Ibu Wongso sits behind her table displaying the add ons you can choose. To the plate of rice she adds your favorit chicken, leg or breast, gizzards and so on. Lesehan means you sit on pillows on a mat on the floor along low tables; please take off your shoes.  

Warung Selat Mbak Lies

Address: Jalan Veteran, Gang II No. 42, Serengan

This is another ‘famous’ eatery. When we arrived it looked like entering a ceramic shop specializing in Chinese ware; and yes they do sell all sorts of household goods there. The inner sanctuary is also lesehan with round ceramic table tops sitting on ceramic cylinders or drums, with all sorts of funny mementos decorating the walls.

This restaurant is known for salads … and it is not what you expect. These dishes are a Solo adaptation of a Dutch kind of stew with potatoes and other vegetables including lettuce in a sauce. I ordered the typical Kimlo; a clear soup with rice noodles and some vegetables.

Warung Harjo Bestik& Bakmi

Address: JL. Dr Rajiman, Kemlayan, Serengan

The Bestik is an Indonesian adaptation of the Dutch Beef Steak. Here you have several choices you can have tongue or minced meat or omelet style. The main ingredient is a sweet sauce or soup with your favorite meat, potatoes and vegetables. It looks and tastes more like a roast with sauce. Here they also serve noodles. 

This restaurant is set up every night under a tent and offers long tables and benches. We were there first, when they were still setting up preparing and pretty soon, other guests were waiting for our table.

Kusuma Sari Restaurant & Ice Cream

Address: Jl. Brigjend Slamet Riyadi No.111, Kemlayan, Serengan

after walking around to the Keraton (Sultan’s Residence) we were really hot and a banana split with local made ice cream and a special nougat bar gave us new energy. 

Soto Ayam Gading 2

Address: Jl. Veteran No.285, Tipes, Serengan

Our last meal in Solo was another treat, this time a favorite Indonesian specialty, soto or clear soup. Soto Ayam is the most famous of them all. A clear stock flavored with ginger and kunyit (Turmeric) is packed with rice noodles and ayam or chicken pieces topped with fried onions and parsley. Eat it with steaming hot rice; what a treat! Of course we tasted this specialty again in a simple eatery… packed with patrons. 

These are some of the food specialties we tasted while in Solo. We did more than just eat though; here is more Indonesia travel information Solo:

Cultural activities that are a must; and shopping, of course glorious shopping. 

We also discovered that transportation in and around Solo is easy and affordable

Compare Hotels in Bali and Solo

Imporstant Indonesia travel information Solo: We decided to stay in a very unique hotel not far from the Keraton (palace). The Royal Surakarta Heritage Solo by Sofitel also prepared us for the typical traditional ceremony we were going to join at the Keraton

In Bali, Baliquisse Heritage Hotel Jimbaran hotel might have a similar old traveling colonial feel to it. It has also offers  a beautiful state house perfect for small weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. 

Indonesia Travel Information Solo Food

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