Indonesia Islands East of Bali

There is plenty to explore on Indonesia Islands east of Bali. The hotels might not be as numerous or luxurious as Bali; the adventure, discoveries, and fun are completely different and unique to each island or region.

Lombok; Similar to Bali yet Very Different

Lombok has won an award for the best Muslim or Halal Destination. It is very similar to Bali; yet dominated by the Muslim religion and lifestyle which makes it a perfect destination for tourists from the Middle East. 

Many new hotels with modern amenities spring up along the beautiful sandy beaches and since it is less crowded than neighboring Bali, many western tourists also prefer Lombok as their holiday destination. 

Komodo; Meet the Dragon

Maluku the Spice Province

This province has contributed plenty to the improvement of the food we eat today. The spices that originate from here have helped to conserve foodstuffs long before there was refrigeration. We still adore and need these spices to elevate our dining pleasures to the next level.

What are these spices originating from here?

  • Nutmeg and Mace were first and only found in the Banda Islands
  • Clove has been discovered in Halmahera and Ternate

Banda Islands Lost in the Vast Sea and to History

Because of the power and price of nutmeg and mace that originate from here, these islands although remote; were at the center of brutal and bloody battles for power over these commodities. Nowhere else will you find so many fords on such small islands. 

Today they celebrate a comeback because of the pristine marine life. Snorkeling and diving are must do activities when coming here. This small archipelago is not easy to travel to and yet you will find all the creature comforts you will need for a comfortable, relaxing and active vacation. 

Here is my account of a fantastic holiday in the Banda archipelago:

  1. Ambon Indonesia; this is the transit point to get to Banda Neira
  2. The hotel we stayed at in Ambon 
  3. Banda Island; how to get there
  4. Banda Neira; what you can expect
  5. Dive Indonesia Banda Neira; what we experienced there in the waters
  6. What else besides diving you can experience
  7. Spice Island Beach Resort; that is where we stayed.
  8. The original spice nutmeg that comes from here

Flores the starting point to meet the Komodo Dragon

A long island with plenty of things to discover; the Kelimutu Crater Lakes are one of the attractions. 

Sulawesi the Orchid island

The most well known cultural draw is the Toraja Land way up in the hills. 

Sumbawa is one of the long Indonesia Islands East of Bali


I would like to visit Sumba during the Pasola, the horse race festival that is so important to the locals.

Irian Jaya is Still very Remote

Raja Ampat; one of the most beautiful spots for diving in the world

Luxury Accommodations in Bali After Active Holidays in Banda

The southern most tip of Bali called Nusa Dua has been developed as sophisticated tourist destination with plenty of absolutely gorgeous hotels right on the sandy beach. 

Indonesia Islands East of Bali

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