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You are vacationing in a Bali hotel. Do you need to know Indonesia facts? Yes, Bali is part of Indonesia a huge archipelago and I think it is important that we global travelers understand the places we visit at least a little bit. Our world is so beautiful, colorful, varied, interesting and amazing. Introducing Indonesia:

It sits between the Asian mainland and Australia; it is the biggest archipelago with 

  • 17508 islands large and tiny and about
  • 6,000 are inhabited. And the biggest ones are also some of the biggest land masses in the world:
  • Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo
  • Irian Jaya together with Papua New Guinea
  • Sumatra
  • The island of Java is the most populated island in the world with about 
  • 140 million souls. Indonesia is spread out over
  • 5,150 km from east to west and it takes about
  • 12 hours to fly over it. All this sea and land mass is home to
  • 250 Million (2015) people and is the country with the
  • biggest Moslem population in the world roughly 87%. It is the 
  • 4th largest nation in the world behind China, India and USA

Big on Culture and History

The name Indonesia comes from the Latin word Indus = Indian and and the Greek word nesos = islands. This vast area has given rise to a multitude of cultures and local languages within a colorful history; steeped in agriculture, trade and religions. Indonesia facts history: Marco Polo visited Aceh on the northern tip of Sumatra in 1292 when he was sent on an expedition by the Chinese Emperor.

Many of the kingdoms and sultanates and different islands have been influential centers for religion:

  • Sailendra Dynasty Central Java built the Buddhist Borobudur Temple a world heritage site the same as
  • Prambanan Temple, Central Java, the most beautiful Hindu Temple in the world
  • Majapahit kingdom east java, a huge rice cultivating, trading, art and cultural center; the remnants of its splendor have merged with the adat culture and form today’s unique Bali.
  • Nyepi or Bali Day; there is no famous tourist destination in the whole world that closes its airport, ports and streets for a full day to meditate and contemplate.

Can You See Culture in Bali and Other Hotels? 

Many hotels in Indonesia do reflect the local culture to a certain point. Local people are serving you in these places and therefore, their way of life can be seen inside and outside the hospitality industry. Bali is a very special place and that culture can be seen throughout the island. I challenge you to find the Balinese temple, big or small in your hotel. Believe me it does exist. And yes, you should not disturb anything; you are allowed to observe though. 

Unique Flora and Fauna  

Did you know these Indonesia facts? The spices that originate in Indonesia, more specifically in the Banda Islands in the Malukus also called the Spice Islands are:

  • Cloves
  • Nutmeg
  • Mace the flower or covering of the nutmeg
  • Rafflesia  Arnoldi is the biggest flower in the world growing to over a meter in diameter and smelling horrible, like dead meat to attract flies and beetles for pollination.
  • Salak or snake fruit is unique to Bali; now also available in Central Java.
  • Komodo dragon is a huge prehistoric lizard found on a handful of islands, the main one is Komodo
  • Sumatra tiger and the
  • Java Rhino are some of the species that are struggling with extinction
  • Orang Utan (man of the forest) originates from Kalimantan / Borneo and Sumatra.

Get to Know Distinctive Foods

  • Tempeh is original from Indonesia; a product made from soybean, similar to tofu but using the bean intact and fermenting it is a staple mainly in Java. It is high on protein content, fiber and other vitamins and minerals.
  • It is said that the word Ketchup originates in Indonesia and is derived from the sweet and sticky soy sauce Ketjap or kecap that is so important especially in Java.
  • Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world. Civets eat the coffee berries and the seeds that pass through their digestive systems are washed and roasted.
  • Padang fast food: these eateries originating from the Padang region in Sumatra have a very unique way of serving food. As soon as you sit down the servers spread out a vast assortment of small plates containing a huge variety of dishes; careful they like it hot. At the end you pay what you eat. 

Indonesia Facts Recently Making Headlines 

UNESCO intangible cultural heritage 

  • Batik garments and handicrafts made out of cotton and silk material designed with traditional and modern Indonesian designs. 
  • Kris is an asymmetrical dagger; it is a weapon and at the same time a spiritual and mystical object handed down from generation to generation. The empu or highly respected blade smith forge a snake like (waved) blade with a distinctive pattern called pamor.
  • 9 of the hundreds of Balinese dances 
  • Wayang puppet theater has been a means of storytelling, entertainment and transfer of information for centuries. 

These are some of the most well known Indonesia facts. Come and visit and discover much more!

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