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Indonesia attractions; be an invited guest to the Coronation Anniversary Ceremony of the King of Surakarta. You cannot experience this event in Bali. Get out of your hotel there and travel to Central Java for a few days to visit the city of Surakarta or Solo and discover an intricate ritual highlighting important elements of the Javanese culture.

Very Rare and Unique Opportunity

Experience Original Javanese Culture inside the Palace. Sri Sultan of Surakarta/Solo invites you to his Coronation Anniversary Celebration!    

Join Ingkang Sinuhun Kanjeng Susuhunan (ISKS or His Highness) PAKOE BOEWONO XIII
at the Sasana Sewaka  building
at the Keraton (palace) Surakarta Hadiningrat

That gives you the opportunity to watch the sacred dance called Tari Bedhoyo Ketawang  one of the special Indonesia attractions

This is a very special event. Once a year in April the palace or Keraton of Surakarta, the Sunan with his family, its Abdi Dalem the dedicated and proud servants and the people of Solo celebrate the anniversary of the coronation of the reigning King. Invited are high officials of the Court,  the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ministers, and representatives from the over 312 kingdoms, sultanates and cultural leaders from around this vast archipelago… and You.  

The Keraton is allowing only about 20 outsiders or tourists to join. And a big part of your fee is a donation for the upkeep of the Keraton and its culture.

If you are interested in this tour, sign up here so that you receive exact dates, price and detailed information as soon as we get them. 

Indonesia Attractions: Bedhoyo Ketawang Dance is definitely one of them!

The culmination of this anniversary celebration is the consecrated dance performed in front of the Sunan,  and Abdi Dalam who are allowed because of their new rank to watch for the first time are greatly honored. 

Bedhoyo Ketawang is a sacred dance performed only on this particular occasion. Nine dancers execute this slow and difficult dance (it is said that the tenth dancer is invisible but there). This special presentation lasts for about two hours. The artists take breaks in intervals to hydrate and rest. 

 Rules You Must Follow 

  1. You are requested to wear typical Javanese garb. This is also a big part of the fun. Women will wear a Kebaya (blouse) in specific colors only, as a skirt you will be wrapped in a long Batik cloth. The hair has to be coiffed in a Sangul, a very particular hairdo, and makeup.
  2. Men wear a Beskap Jacket and the same kind of Batik skirt wrapped a bit wider for bigger strides and a Blankon head cover and a Kris sacred short spear round out the outfit.
  3. You need an official and personalized invitation issued by the Keraton Surakarta. To be allowed to enter the Keraton on this day you will wear a special yellow and red ribbon as a symbol  that you are now an insider of the palace and can enter the main gate. This ribbon will give you free access also the next day if you want to visit again with other tourists. 
  4. Open Slop  is the official shoe worn with this outfit. Bring your own black shoes, with or without heels. You will have to take them off to get into the palace.
  5. Follow the rules of the palace: you are not allowed to step onto the main hall platform; this is reserved for the King, his family, high-ranking officials only. Follow the guidance of our tour operator and palace officials. 

Do not worry, our tour operator will organize the outfits to rent and get professionals to help you get ready and look your best. I suggest that you wear leggings or bicycle pants under the batik skirt; it will make it easier for you since you need help to get dressed. Signing up will guaranty you get an official invitation delivered to you in Solo together with the special ribbon that you can take home.  

This one of a kind Indonesian attractions will be a unique memory for you. Be sure to make plenty of pictures wearing the Javanese outfit and mingling in the Keraton. The memories will last forever; you will talk about it to your children and grandchildren.

Kathy and I still talk about this unique experience in 2017 here is page 1 and page 2

If you are interested to know more about this Indonesia attraction Surakarta trip, please fill in the form here and we will keep you updated with exact dates and price, as soon as possible. 

Hotels in Solo and Bali

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Indonesia Attractions Surakarta

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