Hotels Nusa Dua Bali; Nikki Beach Bali

This time around I wanted to explore some hotels Nusa Dua Bali. This is the most southern tip of the island. About 35 years ago, after the tourist destinations of Sanur und Kuta started to boom and it became apparent that the existing infrastructure in villages along beaches was not going to make it easy for the tourist industry and the locals alike Nusa Dua Complex was planned with wide access and interlinking streets, in a tropical garden away from established villages. 

At the eastern most end of the Nusa Dua Complex sits Club Med. I was a bit late for visiting hours and therefore not allowed in, not even into the lobby.

Watch my short movie touring Nikki Beach Bali

Nikki Beach Bali one of the Newest Hotels Nusa Dua Bali 

This is one of the lucky Nusua Dua Hotels having direct access to the beautiful yellow sandy beach. The hotel is quite new (when I visited it was open 2 years). The first impressions are of quiet elegance with influences from the east, especially Buddhism. Watch my short movie of the hotel that starts with the stunning entrance to the spa, located just under the lobby. The many bronze bells and waterfall are a new and interesting architectural accent. 

Walk down the round elegant stair case and look up into the stunning roof construction and admire the relief reminiscent of Buddhist temples like Borobudur on the island of Java. On the lower ground you will find the restaurant. Nikki Beach Bali is very proud of their culinary offerings. 

I walked through the lush tropical garden along a row of guest rooms, the regular 4 stories high featuring modern balconies and ocean view. The ground floor rooms have direct access to the winding pool that looks like a river and brings you to the main swimming pool in the middle of the property. It is huge and offers plenty of hidden corners next to shading palm trees decorated with orchids or under a canopy held up by pillars standing in the water.

I finally reached the beach with the huge bar, plenty of white day beds set up under parasols. The day I visited, beginning of June, the weather was rather cool with rain clouds hanging in the sky and not many people at the beach. It looks like this hotel is set up for beach parties with their special sound system set up inside the pool too and I imagine out here at the beach. Nikki is proudly showing off extensive event calendar on their website.

On my way out of this fascinating hotel I passed by their function rooms. A carefully carved Balinese door leads the way into a corridor decorated on both walls with gongs. The kind of gongs one hears in Balinese and Javanese Gamelan Orchestras, here they are used as decoration. A bit further down there is a central room with antique bronze ‘Dong Song Drums’ (I suppose imitations) and serve as tables for cocktail parties or exhibitions. The original antique drums are found all over south East Asia also Java and Bali and date from the Dong Song area in Vietnam. today you can see the originals in museums. To use all these gongs for interior decoration is amazing and the first and only time I have seen it. 

Hotels Nusa Dua Bali and especially Nikki Beach Bali is a hotel for young people who want to have a good time with plenty of delicious, international food, a serene lush tropical surroundings, elegant amenities and fun parties around the pool and the beach. 

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Here is Inaya Putri Bali in the same complex; I also visited The Westin a great choice for conventions and meetings. There are many more accommodations a bit to the north, here a budget choice, Villa Jegeg and a fours star hotel with Japanese aesthetics, Watermark Hotel

Hotels Nusa Dua Bali

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