Hotels Indonesia Solo Aziza; Catering to Muslims

When traveling in Central Java hotels Indonesia Solo Aziza Hotel that caters especially to Muslims might be a unique choice for you. In Bali it is difficult to find hotels like this. A big part of the Indonesian population follow the religion of Islam, (not true for Bali) it makes sense therefore that big hotel chains cater to this huge market. 

What do You get in a Halal Hotel? 

Aziza Hotel by Horizon, Islamic Boutique Hotel 

Halal means that all its services and products are according to the teaching of the Al Quran. You will not find any alcohol and pork dishes on the menus and you are asked not to bring any from outside. The other big difference is a big Al Quran (not a Bible as in other hotels) and a sajadah or prayer mat available on your long table. You will also hear the adzan or call to prayer over a loudspeaker in your room.

We had two beds in our space, with a long table running along the wall opposite them. It ends in a regular suitcase stand. The flat TV hangs above it and a chair offers a comfortable work and dining  environment  and a fridge underneath. The tiled floors make it easy to clean and as is tradition today we found a big shower with glass door in the bathroom. In the hallway next to the beds is an open wardrobe with some hangers and a second suitcase stand. 

Since the hotel is built on quite a tight lot, the neighboring wall is all you see from your window. This is not luxury but you have all you need for a comfortable stay in Solo. 

This hotel has only a small pool for children next to the lobby. In the public areas they put nice relief carvings along the long walls to lighten it up, and fishponds and few plants cleverly arranged give the impression of a garden. Aziza Hotel prides itself for having a luxurious Musholla or prayer room; a must for a hotel catering to Moslems. 

The breakfast buffet offers a good range of foods. From traditional Solo fare like Nasi Livet to well known Indonesian specialties like Bubur Kacang HijauBubur Sumsum and more. The egg station is there for you to order your preferred style. International travelers will find fruits and cornflakes, salads, breads and cakes, and the important coffee and tea.

This hotel is very affordable and is a good choice for a short and busy stay in Solo. We also stayed at truly Jvanese culture inspired called The Royal Surakarta Heritage. It is the perfect stage for a cultural trip, we were allowed to attend the Anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony of the Sultan of Surakarta and watch the Sacred Dance Bedhoyo Ketawang.

Hotels Indonesia let’s talk about Bali!

Accommodation that is thought after by many guests from the Middle East is 18 Suite Villa Loft at Kuta, each unit has an walled in pool. In Sanur there is this new Chinese Zodiac inspired Villa Mahapala

In Ubud, Kathy stayed at Gino Ferruci Villa also with a private pool in the garden and an open bathroom. In Batubulan village a a elegant choice is Bumi Lingga and a more economic version Vidi Villa, both with private pools.

Hotels Indonesia Solo

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