Hotels in Bali are Plentiful

Today there are multitudes of hotels in Bali to choose from. Not only can you find accommodation of any class, from very cheap to super luxurious, you can find them in a multitude of locations. In order to experience your perfect holidays on the island of the gods you should plan carefully. You want to be in the right place at the right time and ready for your most anticipated activities; for example: playing golf, surf, dive or explore Bali’s unique culture.   

If you want to spend your holiday lounging around a gorgeous pool among lush tropical and cured gardens next to the beach then choose a hotel on well established Sanur beach, maybe Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel 

If you love the night live, plenty of shopping and discovering the best places to eat then choose Kuta as your destination. Pamper yourself in 18 Suite Villa Loft.

Kathy and I decided to explore the hotels along Jalan Pantai Kuta, the street that separates the beach from the hotels. This time we stayed in a second row hotel to see what it feels like from back there; we were happy in the Best Western Kuta.

Do you prefer to stay in Seminyak, another center to the north of Kuta then opt for example for TS Suites Bali.

A bit to the south in Jimbaran there are many more very different and very varied accommodations. Here we found the very new Watermark Hotel & Spa, four stars, dedicated to quality and latest technology

The North has been developed for guests who like to dive and experience marine life; so too is Lembongan Island off Sanur.

Ubud is the art center of Bali, it offers lodging with local architectural flair with stunning views over wild rivers and rice terraces. This is also a great gateway for discovering the many interesting spots in the center of the island. A secluded and special choice is Gino Feruci Villa.

If you want to stay in a hotel off the beaten track; a garden retreat then chose these exquisite Kebun Villas. Located in the rural and mountainous area of Tabanan with its cooler climate and serene surroundings. You swim next to rice terraces and listen to nature, nothing else. 

Reading all this you might still have one question: what about family vacations? Here I explain this issue.

Bali was Discovered by Artists

Since more than 50 years, Bali has been discovered and developed as an international and much loved tourist destination. Foreigners who traveled to Indonesia always found Bali a special place, a mystical place. It all started with European artists who came here to find their muse; and of course their friends and fans followed suit.

The first international standard hotel was built on Sanur Beach in the South East. Bali Beach Hotel still operates today and is the tallest hotel building in Bali. With its 8 floors it is deemed an eye sore. Since then the government determined that hotels may not be built taller than 4 stories, or not taller than coconut palm trees. When you fly over or drive along the beaches you will have difficulties identifying the many hotels, they all hide within lush gardens and coconut palm tree coves.

Are there too many Hotels in Bali?

There are definitely plenty of hotel rooms available. The island is blessed with an abundance of amazingly different target destinations. For sun and water lovers one of the numerous beautiful beaches is perfect. You can choose between white or black sand; even small and private ones nestled between impressive cliffs.

Majestic volcanic craters with lakes surrounded by vegetable gardens and rice fields offer a completely different kind of rest and relaxation. And then there is the unique Balinese culture that gives you an insight into another world; watch tantalizing dances, visit fascinating historical and archeological sites in the center.

The Balinese keep believes and traditions very much alive and at the same time have learned, adapted and understand how to cater to international guests. They are open, friendly and genuinely welcome foreigners to their beautiful home.

This holiday destination is truly a gem and many people will come back again and again to enjoy the diversity of hotels in Bali. Some of the architecture and interior designs are stunning. The services they offer too are legendary. But the ones that really make this island unforgettable are the Balinese together with their unique traditions and celebrations.

Hotels in Bali

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