Hotel Ubud a Unique Retreat; Gino Feruci Villa

If you are looking for a unique secluded hotel UbudGino Feruci Villa might be the perfect choice for you. It has many great amenities.

How to Choose the Hotel Ubud You Really Need?

Every year Bali celebrates Nyepi where the whole island is in darkness and no outdoor activities are allowed. After five years living in Bali I have experience it in different ways. I have fled out of the island like most locals and tourists do, stayed at a hotel that provids Nyepi packages with breakfast, lunch and dinner included. I have also embraced it by staying in my studio with no electricity; no lights no air condition and stashed all kinds of food to make it through the look down.

This year I decided to do something different; this year I took advantage of it I wanted to enjoy the Balinese day of silence; it’s unique!. And the best way is to get out of Kuta, away from the beach and into the mountain. Ubud seems to be a good choice. After searching for three weeks and going to the hotels for a survey, I finally chose Gino Feruci. It is run by a local Hospitality Management that has a few other hotels throughout Indonesia, mostly in Bandung.

Gino Feruci Villa Ubud is located in between local homes. From the main street you can only see the sign and after about hundred meters into an alley way an elephant fountain welcomes guest. You instantly feel like you are in a jungle because of the lush trees all around. You also hear the murmuring of a brook flowing through the small hotel.

The villas are brand new; the concept is privately secluded units enclosed by four walls with a modern security system. Inside you have a private pool, an open pantry with sink and refrigerator with a view of the pool, open bathroom and a bedroom with a queen sized bed and glass windows facing the pool. You literally take a bath in a garden, take a shower in a rain forest or you can just roll out of bed into the pool. This is an extraordinary hotel Ubud.

I am very happy you finally found a way to enjoy the Bali Day of Silence. This holiday is unique in the world. Bali is the only international tourist destination that dares to close down everything for an entire day; and celebrate their religious believes not matter what.

I was not Disappointed

Nyepi lasts for twenty four hours from morning to morning that is why I booked for two nights and three days. Although this hotel Ubud provides room service I decided to bring my own little travel stove, groceries and make use of all the amenities including the unique pantry and cook. It gives me something to do indoors, I thought. In the room there is a DVD player with full surround sound.

Did I finally enjoy Nyepi? Yes absolutely it was amazing; I could only hear sounds of nature. The birds were singing, the leaves in the huge trees whispered and water trickled along the brook. After sun set after a day free of pollution the sky looks much clearer and closer. The must do thing during Nyepi is star gazing. I turned off the lights and lay down on a lazy bed beside the pool and looked up.

Hotel Ubud

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