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Hotel in Bandung Indonesia Grafika promises a fun time in nature. We were looking for some adventure not in Bali but in Bandung West Java; we wanted to be a bit closer to nature and in a cooler climate. Since the new toll road residents of Jakarta love to explore the cooler mountain city of Bandung about 2 hours away.

This green town was always known as the Paris of Java and lately also as The shopping town for jeans and other branded products that did not pass the quality test for minor flaws. Many hospitality operators also cash in now on the boom and offer all sorts of accommodation. 

Fithri was attracted by the outdoorsy kind of setting ideal for her son. Instead of staying in nylon tents though we opted for a little bit more comfort, we chose the wooden cabins. When we arrived and after checking in at the main lobby just off the highway we were told to park the car down at a special parking. A staff helped us carry our bags uphill to our cabin. 

Chalet Accommodation not Tents at
Hotel In Bandung Indonesia Grafika

We entered our cottage from the back up a few steps. The main door opened up to a wooden construction with a long table with drinking water and glasses on one side and a platform with 3 queen size mattresses on the other.  At the end was a glass door leading to a big veranda built on stilts. The view was quite far, over the other cabins, part of the camping ground into the woods and beyond. 

Ours was part of a circular arrangement of chalets with a big flat circle in the middle that hosts a bonfire at night. We were invited to join and sit at the long tables and benches arranged there.  Luckily we chose this accommodation, not the tents; the night was quite cold and the warm duvet blankets were appreciated and also the hot water in the shower. 

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Fithri had signed us up the next morning for a forest walk. Our guide took us along the old road leading up to Tangkuban Prauh Volcano for a bit and then back down past a beautiful photo spot to take in the views over the Lembang basin. Breakfast was very welcome after the tour. It was served at a pendopo (typical house). It was a buffet with quite a choice of cold and warm foods, even toast and jam and of course coffee and tea.  

Tom and Kathy had to try out the awesome Flying Fox traveling at a height of 30m over the dell. Azzam was afraid at first, but enjoyed the trip going and coming back all be himself at the end. 

All of us enjoyed the weekend in the woods at hotel in Bandung Indonesia Grafika. I think in today’s world where more and more children grow up in big cities, coming here and enjoying the woods in a safe environment with creature comfort available if you want them is a great adventure. 

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Hotel in Bandung Indonesia Grafika

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