What are Cheap Hotels Bali?

When I think of Cheap hotels Bali, in my mind’s eye I see what many years ago used to be called losmen a local version of cheap hotels... Scroll down to read how it used to be.

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In the last years many hotels have sprung up in the middle of urban areas like Kuta, Legian also Sanur, along the By Pass, Ubud and even in the north, for example Singaraja. I am absolutely amazed at what these architects can do with relatively small spaces. Many of these establishments offer star rated lodging and services. Most of them even offer a good sized pool in the middle and manage to make it all look tropical, elegant and relaxing.

One of these hotels is Bliss Surfer one of the many Bali hotels Legian. It is relatively new, built in abut 2011, and the concept of it is very clearly defined... and the beach is nowhere to be seen.

Another very good example of this new style accomodation, see Kuta Bali hotels, Harris Tuban. This international hotel chain is operating several properties in Bali but this one is about as close as you can get to the airport; and you do not even realize how close you are once inside.

A good family hotel with everything you need close by is is this Bali hotel Kuta, Quest Hotel. We spent a family holiday exploring new activities and this hotel was our base. There is a new hip street; The place to hang out and find a multitude of food and accommodation. 

On the southern side of Kuta, the other center of this bustling tourist hub there are more choices, this is one of the small Bali cheap hotels is next to a Mall. Not far on the other side of the main street also in a small lane find this low budget bungalow hotel.

A bit further to the south is Jimbaran beach, in a small side street and a few minutes’ walk from the beach is a quaint villa style hotel. A great bargen; let's not call it one of the cheap hotels Bali.

How it used to be

When I first traveled to Bali tourists could chose between two main beaches or tourist centers: Sanur and Kuta. These destinations were developed for worldwide guests. On the beach or close to the beach we could find beautiful hotel complexes, designed by internationally renowned architects built within lush tropical gardens. They offered and still do luxurious rooms, international restaurants and of course entertainment of all sorts.

In the second row or behind them we could find smaller, local accommodations offering hotel rooms, bungalows or cottages. These places were smaller, less luxurious with fewer choices. Further away again, for example in Denpasar the capital of Bali; business travelers too needed rooms. These were local hotels 0 up to 1 star; and they of course were pretty cheap compared to the ones at the beach.

Tourist arrivals rose and locals especially in Kuta developed affordable lodging for surfers and back packers; and these home stays became very popular. Of course there was no standard and tourists relied purely on luck and recommendations of their friends who stayed there before.

Today home stays and back packer accommodations are still popular and also available. Before you book, make sure you completely understand and agree with what you will find. Tourists today very much rely on comments from guests who have stayed there. We will soon also offer a 'quack' page on this site. Please pay it forward and tell us what you experienced so that future visitors can either enjoy the same great vacations you had or avoid desasters.

Cheap Hotels Bali

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