Cheap Flights to Indonesia and Friendly Hotels 

Cheap flights to Indonesia and hotels have developed fast over the last few years because of demand and popularity. Many budget carriers, local and international are joining the vast market; and island hopping is becoming very popular during the holiday seasons but also throughout the year. The Indonesian middle class gaining an appetite for travel not only to other countries but also discovering their own heritage and splendor.

Airlines that Offer Cheap Flights to Indonesia

Lion Air

Jatayu Air

Susi Airlines



Express Air

Wings Air

Trigana Air

Sriwijaya Air

Overseas tourists also have plenty of choices when deciding what airline to take and which entry point to Indonesia to choose. Maybe you need to understand Indonesia and its facts better to decide? Are you a set on traveling like the locals here some information. Maybe you are interested in culture and festivals.

In Asia, most of the airlines will stop over in Jakarta the capital of Indonesia and some fly through directly to Bali and other local hubs. AirAsia and especially AirAsia X are up-and-coming budget carriers that are innovative and also earn praise from passengers.

To travel in Indonesia you better have some Indonesia currency or Rupiah (IDR) in your pocket. There are many ATM machines where you can get some and of course change some at official money changers and banks. Will you need a calling card or SIM as it is called here?

What time is it in Indonesia? Here is all the information you need. 

Do You Fly Long Haul?

If you have to travel long haul, there are great choices too. Many well known and award winning airlines fly you to Indonesia. I also recommend that you try Garuda the Indonesian national airlines, it has gained the attention of industry experts with its improved timeliness and service.

Here are the rules; the rights you have when things go wrong with your flights not only on cheap flights to Indonesia.

When flying far or long haul as it is called you need to take the following points into consideration if you want to enjoy your flight, especially cheap flights to Indonesia and back.

If you are coming from Europe, America or Africa look closely at the flight path and schedule.

  1. How many stop-over are there and in what location(s)
  2. How long will you have to wait for a connecting flight in these stop-overs.
  3. Will you have to disembark and re-embark? Will you change planes or even airlines in mid route?
  4. Would it make more sense to stay over at a city for a day or two? Check if you need a visa.
  5. What are the time lines: What time will you start your journey, wait at airports and arrive at your destination? If you travel with children or older people this might be worth considering carefully.
  6. How much luggage is included in your ticket; do you need to book additional baggage?
  7. Are refreshments and meals included in your flight ticket? If you can, book them in advance.
  8. Do you need to book special meals (vegetarian, for children)?
  9. Will you get entertainment sets, blankets and tooth brush during your flight?

More Airlines to Choose From:

Garuda Indonesia

Quantas Airways

Virgin Australia

AirAsia, AirAsia X

China Airlines

Cathey Pacific

Singapore Airlines

Japan Airlines

All Nippon Airways

Kuwait Airways

Turkish Airlines


Korean Air

Jetstar Asia


Qatar Airways

Etihad Airways

Malaysia Airlines

American Airlines

Air France


British Airways

Some of the new fleets

What about Cheap Hotels in Indonesia?

The Indonesian government has finally decided to concentrate on many more unique traveling destinations throughout this huge archipelago. That means that the infrastructure, especially different kinds of hotels and other accommodations are being developed by well known international and local hospitality chains and also private boutique hotels. You will and already have plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation. 

Tour the Indonesian islands with us!

Here are some hotels beyond Bali we have visited:

Jakarta (Capital): Harris Susites FX Sudirman; or a Fame Hotel in the suburbs

Puncak (2 hours outside Jakarta in the mountains): Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara

Cirebon, Coastal Town: Aeston Cirebon

Jogjakarta or Yogyakarta the royal city: the very interesting Green Host

Maratua Diving East Kalimantan: Maratua Resort

Bali: Sea Safari Cruises

Cheap Flights to Indonesia

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