Cheap Flights to Bali; How to

This is the second part of an article on cheap flights to Bali and how to enjoy the experience. It is similar to hotels or general accommodation. These tips and tricks help you plan, book and fully benefit from the new trend of budget carriers. Cheap Bali flights is the first part of this article.

Hospitality; Get Exactly what You Want

Hospitality has evolved over the years. I remember we were talking basically about hotels today you have the choice of luxury, budget, business hotels, or resorts and suites and villas. Each of those accommodations offers a bit different amenities and the guest books accordingly and arrives with the hopefully correct expectations. Airlines do the same things and offer different flight experiences. Here it is a bout frugal.

Do You Want to Eat?

Take in account when (time of day) you are traveling. If you are flying early in the morning and you are not a morning person, most probably you will sleep throughout the flight. But if breakfast is the most important meal in your day, it would be better to book your meal online. There is more variety to choose from since low cost carriers do not carry food for all the passengers onboard.

This is how they cut cost, by reducing wastage. So they have limited stock of meals onboard. Don't be surprised to hear that all meals are sold out even though the service has just started.

And if you are planning to shop, make sure you have different means of payment, cash or credit card also different kinds of currency. Make sure also before making an order with the crew, you read the menu carefully.

Not only what food and drinks they have, but also the terms and conditions about payment (cash or credit card, return currency, coins) and you fully accept them. For example, don't blame the crew for not giving you the change in USD because you paid in USD, and they give you the change in IDR but you will not need it anymore. They are just doing their job following company regulations.

Prepare Your Flying Experience Carefully

Low cost carriers are ‘no frills’ meaning there are no extra services if you do not pay for it. No food, no blankets, no pillows, no in-flight entertainment. However these extras are available for purchase. Tailor your in-flight experience to your needs. If you don’t like air conditioning, bring your own blanket, or if you don't want to carry the extra weight then pre-book it.

Be a Smart Traveler on Cheap Flights to Bali

Know the product you are purchasing. Don't get mad and frustrated because you did not get what you expected you would get, because you did not fully understand the concept of cheap flights to Bali.

Small Things do Matter

Don't forget to bring all your high-tech gadgets to keep you entertained on board, also to capture all the great moments while you are enjoying your holiday. One simple essential thing you should always bring is a pen. Trust me; it will be a life saver.

‘Just borrow from the flight attendant’ is the usual reaction from passengers who need to fill in immigration papers. There are many passengers on many flights who need pens. Mind you it's not about the value of the pen; it's more about the courtesy and integrity.

Pens belong into the basic kit of a flight attendant; there are countless forms to be filled in and signed. Many passengers do not return a borrowed pen immediately; they pass it on to fellow travelers or absent mindedly put it into their own bag.

Expected courtesy is to give the pen back to the owner as soon as possible. That rarely happens and I thank the passengers who do it! Very often though we never see the pen again even when we remember and go back to ask for it; “oh I gave it to the passenger up front” or oh, I lost it! These are answers we get. Next time you ask to borrow a pen from a flight attendant and she says no, you understand why. So, out of courtesy, bring your own pen and lend it to your fellow travelers who have not read this page, thanks!

I hope these few tips are useful to you, and help you enjoy your flight much more. please also remember these points when booking hotels or other accommodations. Maybe we meet on one of my cheap flights to Bali.  

The first part of this article is on cheap Bali flights.

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Cheap Flights to Bali

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