Cheap Bali Villas do Exist Look at Villa Bali Jegeg

I am always looking for exciting and different accommodation and cheap Bali villas are something many of you are searching for. Exciting to me also means lodging that has a good rating, somewhere I myself would and do stay. My research did bring me to...

Cheap Does Not Automatically Mean Bad  

Villa Bali Jegeg Jl. Pantai Jimbaran, 2 star; this hotel had a rating of 8 out of 10 when we were there.

This is a villa accommodation typical for the local market. Here, villa does not necessarily mean luxurious, it just means a vacation rental of any kind. Villa Bali Jegeg (Balinese for beautiful) is offering simple rooms with all necessary amenities for a relaxing stay. You have air conditioner in your rooms, a bathroom with rain shower head (hot water) and the absolutely necessary flat TV with cable. The bedding is new and clean and the interior design is a bit wonky; they are trying too hard. 

The breakfast is served at the open air restaurant and you have a choice of American, European or Indonesian and you will get typical strong and delicious Balinese coffee. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

There are at least two types of rooms to choose from, at illa Bali Jegeg and one private walled in villa with bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and a pool. The grounds are quite big with lawns and plants; two swimming pools, one especially for children, surrounded by day beds and umbrellas with tables and chairs.

Cheap Bali Villas in Prime Location  

The location could not be better compared to the low price and great service. It is less than 5 min. walk to Jimbaran beach with its yellow inviting sand. Clean public toilets and open air showers are available so you do not have to walk back to the hotel full of sand and sea water. We arrived right before sunset and experienced it on the beach while local fishermen played ball next to their outrigger boats.

Along this stretch of beach you find many seafood restaurants that are set up for dinner on the sand. The freshly caught fish, crab, shrimp, shellfish and lobster is grilled right there. You buy it by the kilo or pound; steamed rice, vegetables and sambal (hot sauces) are included. A healthy drink is fresh coconut water, served in the fruit.

Are you an explorer? 

Visit the fish market which is about 1 km away. The fishermen who were out to sea during the night bring their fresh catch to the beach where they are displayed in the market or immediately packed and transported to other marketplaces, shops and restaurants. The action starts around 07.00 and peaks at around 08.00 in the morning.

Other hotels close to Jimbaran Beach:

A clean new Bali hotels with plenty of technology and amenities at your fingertips or this mystical old world charm luxury hotels Bali. Do you want to experience the ultimate Balinese village style opulence for your holidays; and Tom's best hotels in that area.

Cheap Bali Villas

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