Do You Plan to Use Cheap Bali Flights?

Cheap Bali flights are the best way to travel, especially if you are on a budget and want to splurge more on hotels and activities. Low cost carrier or budget airways are the latest trend in the airline industry. If you have not traveled that way yet; or had a bad experience, read these tips on how to be a cool, relaxed pleasant passenger.

Here some well known international ones

  • USA: Virgin America, JetBlue or Southwest Airlines
  • Europe: easyJet or Niki
  • Asia: the most famous now is AirAsia and AirAsia X

Working with a low cost carrier for several years now, I can see that people stereotype airlines and think them all the same. So if you are planning to book a cheap flight, and this is the first time for you, you should forget about what you know you will get on a flight. Here are some tips and things to consider.

Decide Your Wants and Needs in Hospitality; Hotels and Flights

Today you as a guest really are the king or queen of your own choices. You decide what is important to you when it comes to services. In accommodation you decide the star rating which is an indication of the amount of amenities. Equally in flights you decide how important the pre-planned menu, free drinks and entertainment systems are. 

Read between the Lines for Cheap Bali Flights 

Before booking your ticket, make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions (yes...the small font, the statements that are usually on the bottom or last page of your ticket)

What You Pay is Exactly What You Get

Low cost carriers are cheap for a reason! You get exactly what you paid for. The price you see when you searched for the flight is usually just for being on the flight, literally just to get a seat on the plane and nothing else. Some airlines will include baggage allowance, be clear about it before you book.

What if there is no baggage allowance? Then you have to buy it. And make sure you have enough weight allowance. If during check-in your luggage exceeds it, you will be charged the excess per kg and it will be way more expensive than booking online.

If you get the space on a cheap Bali flight, enjoy it! Azzam asleep on an AirAisia flight to BaliIf you get the space on a cheap Bali flight, enjoy it! Azzam asleep on an AirAisia flight to Bali

Do You Practice ‘the More the Merrier’?

If you are traveling together, especially in a group and you want to sit together during the flight, you have to buy this facility. Don’t expect to come to the check in counter early so you will be able to choose your seats. Or because you booked together and have the same booking code, it's guaranteed that you will sit together. Low cost carrier systems do not work this way.

On a full flight, if you did not ‘buy a seat’, the system will randomly seat you on an empty seat, regardless whether or not you are traveling with a minor. And do not expect the cabin crew to help you be seated together either. They are very busy completing safety related tasks within the limited time they are given. If you want to depart on time and safely reach your destination help the cabin crew by taking care of your own bookings and seating.

Please remember today’s services on budget flights are similar to hotels. You need to make sure that you get connecting rooms in a hotel or seats that are next to each other. You also need and decide your food choices and entertainment and much more.

Read the second part of tips on cheap Bali flights.

Bali vacations gives you more information on budget travel to Bali

There are no flights to Bali on Nyepi, the Balinese New Year.

Looking for a hotel

close to Kuta airport?; Maybe at the beach? A Villa for the whole family?

Cheap Bali Flights

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