Cheap Accommodation in Bali

Some of you readers are looking for cheap accommodation in Bali for a longer stay. Here is Jadin. Maybe you have some business to conduct or need some time away from your regular life for reflection. In Bali many workers who come here from outside the island or from villages and cities far away need what in the west we would call a studio.

Here these accommodations are called kost. This can encompass many different kinds of rooms, houses or apartments. Some of these kost are very basic and cheap for locals and some of them can easily be called a studio and there are of course the luxurious apartments and suites too.

On this page I am explaining lodging that is sought after by workers like air line crews, managers and similar. For them location is very important; but beach access is not. For them distance to their workplace or airport for air line crews are discussion points. They also look at the access street or gang as it is called here and of course parking space for their cars or motorbikes which is not a given.

These are all questions that each person has to answer for themselves and analyze individually to find the best fit at the best price for them. It is usually quite easy to find additional services nearby, for example a laundry (where you cloth is washed or dry cleaned, dried, ironed and folded by the kg) warung (food stalls) markets or super markets.

A Studio as Cheap Accommodation in Bali

Kathy has moved around Kuta several times already and is now happily calling Jadin, Jalan Gunung Soputan 88X, Denpasar, her home. For the first time she has a swimming pool, although a small one, where she and her friends can chill out and even have parties. This apartment block offers studios on three floors.

The layout is quite simple and efficient, a big room to be used as bedroom and living room, a bathroom with hot water shower and a small kitchen nook in the back. Since the owners of this building also have a furniture company, the bed, closet, table and chair are provided; so is air conditioner and a TV. As is the norm today cable and WIFI are free, or included in the total cost. Electricity is paid separately. Each unit comes with a separate counter that can be refilled with credits like a cell phone.

There you have it a perfect choice for you who already know Bali and plan to stay a bit longer cheap accommodation in Bali in the form of a studio is available.

There is another apartment complex just like this close by.

Studios like this are perfect to wait out Bali Day

If you would like to be in Sanur and closer to the beach these vacation rentals might interest you.

But first you have to get here; read about cheap flights to Bali here.

Visit Bali beaches with us and find out where you can have the best time.

Cheap Accommodation in Bali

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