Best Hotels in Bali; here are Two!

We found a gem, one of the best hotels in Bali in Jimbaran, not far from the airport. In my view this is a good deal for budget oriented holiday travelers. Since it is situated a bit in the back, you have no spectacular view, but it offers nice pools and garden. You even have the option of a private pool with your spacious room. No superb dining experiences either but a simple menu is available for breakfast and standard room service to satisfy your hunger pranks.

Meet Abi Bali Resort Villa & Spa

My favorite part about Abi Bali Resort Villa & Spa, Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan is the price. With the service, facilities and experience we had, the price was well worth it. What’s really a head spinner is the fact that just few minutes down the road is a 5 star resort for the rich and famous that sells its rooms seven fold of Abi Bali’s. If you really think about it, is the seven fold price tag really worth it?

I mean if you are rich, famous and need privacy, full service and an image to go with it then stay at the luxurious and well-known resort. If not, then Abi Bali might be for you, I mean if you compare the two options: you actually share the beach with Four Seasons Resort and Intercontinental Resort, and you get there with a regular shuttle bus provided by the hotel. A little further down the road is a seafood paradise; awesome for romantic dinners and family get together.

For me Abi Bali is a bargain considering the cherry on the cake is the fact that if you drive 10 minutes in the other direction, you’ll end up at the world-re known Ayana resort complex with its mesmerizing Rock Bar.

The idea of staying in Abi Bali is to use the resort as a nesting place, then seek fun, food and friends elsewhere. So need an awesome holiday experience without the sevenfold price tag? Abi Bali might be just for you.  

Rimba Jimbaran Features a Jungle Theme; at Best Hotels in Bali

During our trip, we had the opportunity to visit a friend who was staying at the Rimba Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan. It is situated in the luxurious and famous Ayana complex. The compound houses a few resorts and the world famous Rock Bar, so the whole Ayana concept itself is no joke. Rimba in Bahasa Indonesia means jungle and the concept of the resort is just that.

The architecture is edgy, using exposed wood, rock and other themes of the jungle. The lobby is breath taking with the view of the sunset and submerged lounges within its infinity pond. They seriously built it like they meant it.

The rooms are not the most spacious but who needs that when you have seven layered swimming pools, a hot pool, kiddy slides and “beside the pool” rooms. After breakfast, just open your bedroom window and plunge into a pool that is wrapped around the whole hotel. And enjoy the trappings of rimba a forest with streams in heavenly Bali.  

The bathroom is very nice but who can resist swimming in seven different pools with a jungle as the view. We didn’t get the chance to taste the food but judging by the exquisite dishes passing us, and the layout of the main coffee shop, the breakfast must have been spectacular! A definitely must try the next opportunity I get.  

More best hotels:

Four Season also in Jimbaran and one with a golf course a bit to the north.

check out the one with big garden in Sanaur. Want to go surfing and be pampered at this accommodation

Best Hotels in Bali

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