Bali Wedding Packages; our Favorites!

We show you three extraordinary Bali wedding packages on two pages with plenty of pictures and information. At the end you can also tick some boxes reading our tips on how to choose and arrange your perfect destination wedding.

See our first pick here and following is our second recommendation:

Cruise on a Renovated Cargo Schooner

These traditional Phinisi sailing ships have been used for hundreds of years to transport goods between the islands. Now some of them are used as cruise ships. They have been renovated and comfortable cabins with private bathrooms promise creature comfort and a modern galley delivers delicious international food.

We visited the Sea Safari VII anchored at Benoa Harbor Bali while the crew was getting ready for a dinner cruise around the harbor. This vessel can also be chartered for a wedding ceremony with lunch or dinner party including music and fun. The company is offering a package; so they will provide the basics, talk to them and see how you can add your personal touch and make this the most beautiful experience in your life.

And our last but not least Bali wedding packages pick:

A Luxury Resort on a Golf Course

When we stayed at Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort a group of employees was preparing a wedding reception on the lush grass in front of the restaurant. The loud speakers were tested and the chef set up a scrumptious cocktail or dinner buffet; (we were not invited, we only observed from far).

The ceremony had taken place earlier a bit further away still on the grass. Chairs were placed between white typical Balinese flags and flower petals lay all over the floor for a stunning effect. The newlyweds reemerged by golf cart to take pictures against the sunset and a stunning background: a golf course and Tanah Lot a sacred temple perched on a rock in the middle of the ocean. To then join their friends and family for a party.

Getting married in a huge resort gives you many amenities that smaller hotels might have to get especially for you which will inflate your budget. There are usually plenty of rooms even type of accommodation available and your family and friends have many opportunities to enjoy themselves before and after.

Choose Your Bali Wedding Packages and Destination Carefully

  • Find out what the legal requirements of your country are to validate a marriage
  • Come and see the venue for your ceremony and your party if at all possible
  • Ask for specific and real wedding decoration samples or pictures of parties they made
  • Before you explain your design ideas listen to what is usually done in the space
  • If you use and accept local tones and traditional bits and pieces, your wedding will be cheaper and less stressful
  • Have a clear idea of your make-up and hair; have clear pictures with you. Indonesians are quite good in copying; if possible have a dry run.
  • If you really have to have specific decoration items, bring them along or have them made separately.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected
  • Many Indonesians do not like to say no; your requests might not be executed exactly as you instructed
  • A destination wedding is fun if it is a surprise… or at least some of it WILL be surprising
  • Indonesia has a long tradition of beauty treatments for brides and grooms leading up to the wedding; try them
  • There are also traditional rituals that might make your wedding really different and memorable.
  • Ask to use some of the traditional Jasmine tassels and garlands
  • Ask for a special room decoration with flower petals and candles

Go to first wedding reception venue

This summer hotel also offers wedding facilities.

Choose your favorite beach for your honeymoon

Bali Wedding Packages

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