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Dear traveler and visitors to Bali and this page, Bali travel forum. We would like to give you a voice too! I am telling stories how things were long time ago and also how Bali presents itself today in modern times. Tom, Kathy and I do not always see it in the same light, sometimes we discuss opposite points of view on the pages on this site.

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Please discuss any subject you want to discuss. Your fellow travelers appreciate an open fair and reasonable point of view from somebody who has been there. If you have a question, you can do this here for anybody to answer or if it is directed to us Sugiartos, please use the contact us page. 

Now it is your turn to tell us what you think about your vacation in Bali. Please show us your best pictures too. (To chat about specific hotels, especially the ones we describe here you can also comment directly on the relative page.) Below you can see some ideas of topics to talk about.

We Would Like to Hear About:

  • Your best vacation
  • Your worst day in Bali
  • Why You would come back / or not come back
  • What visitors absolutely can't miss
  • What surprised You the most?

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Visitors have already contributed the following:

The smell of Bali... 
Bali is a destination I had the privilege of visiting as a child frequently. Bali was a popular family holiday destination. Upon going home my parents …

Bali is Still Indeed worth Seeing!  Not rated yet
I don’t enjoy the area of Kuta at all, I would stay away from there. However, in NW Bali where I’ve lived and where we will be returning early next …

Bali is Overcrowded only in the South and Ubud Not rated yet
The East is beautiful and the region around Munduk is to be seen. Nusa Lembongan is still quiet and even the West can be nice to visit. I would for …

The spirit of Bali has not changed! Not rated yet
Over the last 30 years Bali has definitely become bigger and more famous. Has the unique Balinese spirit given way to the tourist onslaught? I strongly …

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Ideas of Topics to Discuss in this Bali Travel Forum

Did you find what You were Promised? 

An old slide showing tourists in droves; tell us your unique discovery here on Bali travel forumAn old slide showing tourists in droves; tell us your unique discovery here on Bali travel forum

There are many different kinds of accommodations from home stays to the most luxurious hotels. It is also amazing to go through the list of hotels on popular booking sites and analyze the ratings. There is a huge number that are scored above 9 (best is 10). This is for the whole range of lodging from one star up to 5 stars.

Is Bali and its Hotels Living Up to Your Expectations?

There are also many different locations to choose from. There are beaches for surfing and also some family friendly. You can find superb dive locations and book a tranquil and serene stay in the hills in-between lush rice fields and rushing streams.

What Would You Like to See Different?

No doubt, if you stay in the South, you will eventually be stuck in some traffic jam, especially around Kuta and Legian; ‘the in places’ to be. Bali still offers plenty of quiet destinations where whole resorts and individual cottages are situated in lavish tropical gardens far from the hustle and bustle of the party goers. Do you agree?

Has Bali Lost its Unique Charm?

The Balinese culture exudes a magical and spiritual vibe. It is something unique in the world, at least as far as I have experienced it. What are your thoughts about the arts, dances, carvings and paintings? Have you had a chance to join one of the numerous festivals and special rituals that the locals celebrate? Let us know what unique thoughts and experiences you had.

The Balinese are Very Friendly

The locals have always been very friendly and open to foreigners and their different ways. Anybody can and does come to Bali with their expectations and can enjoy relaxing or adventurous holidays. Is this statement correct according to you?

One Can Always Comment on Other Tourists!

Have you found great company, your soul mate (as I did) or simply fun people?

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