Bali Tourism; Lots of Choices

Discover all of Bali tourism offerings before you book hotels or other accommodation; you need to make some very important decisions, for example:

  • What are your main holiday activities?
  • Do you want to enjoy luxury and romance?
  • Are you on a budget and want to explore as many things as possible?
  • Is discovering culture and integral part of your vacations?
  • Do you need to get involved in active sports to feel excited and healthy?

Bali has a lot to offer besides luxurious retreats and resorts. It is a pity if you come here just for the beaches or the surfing or the partying. Come with me on a tour around this visually beautiful island and let’s look at some of the hidden gems it holds for you to discover.

Bali Tourism Offers Paradise; No, it's not a Dream

Bali paradise this is about as close as I have come to living in a perfect world. I do understand that different people have different ideas of a perfect world or paradise. Well, I used to work in Bali and that was pretty close to being in paradise. Tour Bali with me to find Your perfect paradise.

See pictures about Bali here and read about how it was. 

And hotel Videos and lots of explanations on Bali

Canggu and Seminyak, There are Plenty of Hotels Too

For you active surfers there are several beaches along the west coast that are pounded by waves; here I explain the surfer’s paradise of Canggu. When my brother with his family and friends visited we stayed at Seminyak. The kids learned how to surf and we had plenty of fun in the waves.

This Tour Bali has to include Kuta

Kuta Beach Bali is not just a beach, it is an urban center catering to everything a traveler could want and need. And yes, that includes luxurious and paradises like resorts and bungalows with private pools and also the not so pretty loud partying and drunk blokes stumbling in the streets and everything in between, Bali tourism at its best. 

South of Kuta and the airport on the way to Nusa Dua you can stop at small hidden beaches and more

Do not Forget Sanur

Let’s discuss the first tourist destination in Bali, family friendly lavish understated Sanur. Bali Beach Hotel was built by the government as the first international, luxury hotel. And some hidden gems, restaurants and other necessities. 

Visit a small exclusive island opposite Sanur

There is also Nusa Dua

It was developed in the 1980 by the government. Tourism was already booming and Sanur and Kuta were getting really crowded.Visit Nusa Dua with us! This is the most exclusive complex Bali Tourism has developed exclusively for the hospitality industry. Here some hotels we have visited there:

Nikki Beach, The Westin; Inaya Putri Bali; Nusa Dua Hotel

Ubud, where Artists Meet

This special place is situated in the mountains, far away from all the beaches. This is where in the 1930ies European painters Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet settle and found inspiration. This is also where 'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert and starred by Julia Roberts played out its romantic love scenes.

Let Tanah Lot Inspire You

Built on a rock out in the sea; only accessible during low tide and guarded by holy snakes, Tanah Lot is awe inspiring, beautiful and seems not of this world. Many tourists come here to watch the sunset.

This whole area is called Tabanan and besides the beautiful beach also offers lush forested mountain retreats; and the most beautiful rice terraces.

Lots to Discover in the East

I finally traveled back in time and back to the east, to Klungkung. The royal palace, it used to be the most influential in Bali is still the same as I remember. The paintings are still awe inspiring; it is still worth a trip.  

Bali Tourism

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