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Let a Bali Tour Guide help you and guide you through some of these exotic festivals. He or she will pick you up maybe with their own car at your hotel. They speak English and some other languages too and can explain and direct you through these complicated events. 

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Please make sure you have dressed accordingly; bikini/swimwear is not accepted. Please show respect by wearing long trousers men or women or at least knee-length dresses with covered shoulders. To enter a temple or join a ceremony you should also wear a sarong and belt (can be rented at temples).

7-10-2018 / 25-05-2019, Tumpek Landep: Conducting ritual ceremonies of all kinds of sharp tools and weapons; pleading to Lord Bhatara Shiva and Lord Sang Hyang Pasupati to keep all tools and weapons loyal, so that they bring luck and good fortune.

25-12-2018 / 23-07-2019, Penampahan Galungan: This day is controlled by the negative force of Bhuta Amengkurat. Tthe ceremonies are held after sunset in the courtyard in order to protect oneself from the influence of Kala Tiganing Galungan. This is also the time to install all the Penjor (bamboo poles) with their elaborate decorations.

26-12-2018 / 24-07-2019, Hari Raya Galungan (Galungan Day): Celebration to remember the creation of the universe and its contents and the triumph of dharma over adharma (good versis evil). The Hindus perform the offerings to Lord Sang Hyang Widi and Lord Dewa / Bhatara with all his manifestations as a token of gratitude for his grace and for his continuous salvation. The Penjor (decorated bamboo poles) posted at each dwelling is to honor the presence of Bhatara Mahadewa located on Mount Agung.

27-12-2018 / 25-07-2019, Sweet Galungan: This ceremony aims to purify the Firstborn and the Ancestors.

05-01-2019, Hari Raya Kuningan: On this day a variety of offerings are dedicated to Lord Shang Yang Widi accompanied by other lords Dewata or Pitara, for his  (their) return and everybody prays for blessing the world with all its contents. The ceremony is held only until 12.00 noon, after that, all Gods go back to Suralaya.

There is more to Bali than just Religious Festivals

  • The Annual Bali Arts Festival, June - July
  • Perang Pandan or 'Mekare-Kare' June, at Tenganan Pegringsingan, Karangasem, East Bali
  • 7th Bali International Choir Festiva,l July
  • The Annual Bali Kites Festival(s) July – October, at Padanggalak Beach, Sanur
  • Makepung Buffalo Races, July – November, at Jembrana, Negara, West Bali
  • Bali International Triathlon October, Sanur
  • Ubud Writers & Readers Festival October, November, various venues, Ubud
  • A full moon is celebrated with different kinds of ceremonies and cultural performances. Not every full moon has the same importance in the calendar.

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Bali Hotels

You can stay at your favorite hotel and be driven to these ceremonies by a Bali tour guide. If you stay in Ubud or small villages you have more chances to participate and observe then if you stay in the big tourist centers of Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Sanur. 

The Balinese cremation ceremony is not a scheduled rite; Balinese perform bigger and smaller ones everywhere and one can observe preparations when passing through villages and towns.

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