Bali Sports River Rafting Bakas Levi

There are several companies offering Bali sports River Rafting today; and they are accessible from any hotel you stay on the island. These companies are located up in the mountains where the rivers run down to the sea. And it might take you an hour or a bit more to get there. Never mind, you will be traveling through beautiful Bali countryside.

The first time we did it as a family, when the kids were still teenagers. That time we went to Ubud, more precisely a bit north of this mountain resort. I remember it well. We had great fun; all of it was professionally done. Safety and comfort for the guests was important even then. Tom now took his wife and friends along to Bekas Levi in Klungkung area.

River Rafting Bakas Levi

River rafting has become one of the must do activities in Bali. It’s fun to do with family and friends. I am not a savvy rafter but I have done this before, so my attitude going to Bakas Levi was: “It’s all the same, why get excited?” Thankfully I was proven wrong. Although the rapids aren’t really the most challenging or terrifying, the background is breath taking.

See action video of my trip

Heavy rock canyons in the middle of a tropical jungle, water rushing, waterfalls and cliffs that you can jump from. Exactly, 2m and 6 m cliffs are available in specific spots where you can test your nerves by jumping into the river. The scenery is epic and it’s a great place to take pictures. The experience alone is enough to test who’s got the biggest balls amongst your friends and family.

It is situated not too far from Kuta center and reasonably priced. If you want to document the excursion, I suggest take a go pro or sony action cam. But don’t glue it to your helmet! Most rafters lose it this way. Screw it to your monopod and then tie it to the paddle using a shoe lace. Better flexibility, more dynamic shots and most of all, you get to keep your camera!

We also had to Experience the Thrill of Bali Sports River Rafting

When my brother and family visited Bali in 2016, all of us including Kathy and I decided that river rafting was going to be a fun day of activity. 

Kathy called ahead of time and got a special price for us, since some she and I are Indonesian residents; you will need to show proof of that. 

When we arrived around mid morning, there were plenty of guests sitting and waiting. It turned out that many of them chose the elephant safari over rafting and our turn to change and suit up came quite fast. 

We all had lots of fun, the teenagers, parents and even I, the grandma did not feel out of place or scared at all. The guides kept us entertained… and working (paddling).

Your cloth and bags will be stored in a locker at the lobby. Wear sandals that day; you need them to walk down a dirt road to the river and then back up to board a truck to take you back. 

There is a shower for after the Bali sports river rafting; it is not luxurious but all you need. You will get a towel and small piece of soap. We all got a buffet lunch (included in the price) after we finished the rafting and were dressed again.

There are plenty of other activities available in Bali:

If you are a fan of water sports go to Benoa. Almost any sport you can think of is available there today. 

We had a blast when my brother and his family visited; our hotel was at Seminyak 

Not a a sports fan; visit other attractions, for example the 3D Museum. This is great fun when you have had enough of the sun or it is raining. Kids will love the creative pictures you can make.

We Visited Some Hotels Close to the Action

Our Ubud favorite Gino Feruci Villas; or in Batubulan Bumi Linggah a bit more luxurious and one more budget friendly, Vidi Villas. They are close by Bali sports river rafting companies. 

Nusa Dua hotels, great for water sports: Nikki Beach; or The Westin; or Inaya Putri Bali

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Bali Sports River Rafting

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