Bali Sports Fly Boarding

Bali sports Fly Boarding can be done right in front of your hotel if you stay in the south, at Tanjung Benoa. Along the main street you can find quite a number of more or less luxurious accommodations sitting on the yellow sand beach with direct access to many water sports, also fly boarding. 

When my brother with family and friends arrived in Bali for their holidays, one of the first discussions was, can we fly board in Bali. Yes, you can! There are a few operators that offer this new sport besides other activities. And again for the moment or in 2016 you need to go to the east coast of Tanjung Benoa, not far from Nusa Dua to enjoy this activity.

My Aim was to at Least Stand Up!

Our whole group consisted of 10 people, I a grandmother, the oldest of them all. First I thought: “There is no reason for me to do this, why should I at 62 years even attempt this?” I was met by fierce opposition: “Of course you come along and do this too, why shouldn’t you? You are active and fit, you used to ski and do other sports, come on!” Ok, I decided to at least give it a try. My aim was to stand up!

Kathy booked our group at Elang Laut Dive & Water Sport, pretty much at the beginning of this stretch of beach. A partner in this business venture Mr. Gelgel (Bali royal lineage) and his crew were very professional. We used their facilities: cabins to change, restaurant, toilets and safety lockers before we were taken by speed boat to a more suitable spot for fly boarding. 

A Balinese Bale Bengong (Gazebo) gave us some respite from the hot sun and the staff started with instructions on how to stand up and fly. To avoid injuries we were given safety vests and a helmet. Elang Laut had two of these Fly Boarding machines on standby for us.

A staff on a Jet Ski operates it; a board with boots on one side and exhaust pipes on the other. The Jet Ski is altered so that its exhaust is thrust through a pipe connected to the Fly Board and the more force the operator exhorts the more water is forced through the Fly Board and pushes it forward, downward or if you stand correctly upward.

The staff were very patient and helped us to stand up and fly by directing our movements. when we fell they waited until we were ready and balanced to get going again. They carefully increased or decreased the flow of water and pressure according to our condition and capacity to balance. 

Bali Sports Fly Boarding; How To

The key to ‘flying’ as we were instructed was to stand straight. “Let the ankles balance your feet, just make sure your body is straight and can be lifted over the water.” I let the younger folks go first and observed. The teenagers did it quite effortlessly; no wonder, they are active tennis players. The sports teachers and dynamic parents of course could fly high and long.

Kathy (a former speed skating athlete) too did a very good job and had fun. Finally it was my turn. “Just try to stand straight and keep balancing your feet; that’s it;” was my mantra. I did stand up and could fly board, yea! My sister in law told me later that she had the greatest fun observing my face while I was ‘flying’!

Have a look at the video on YouTube or below directly

All of us enjoyed this water sport tremendously with Elang Laut Dive & Water Sport. Some of us also rode the Flying Fish! During the whole session with us, Mr. Gelgel had appointed photographers and we got a huge file with about 1000 pictures to take home. Before being driven back to our hotel we enjoyed an international lunch at the beach restaurant on the sand; we were all very hungry. Bali sports Fly Boarding was worth the try and we all had and still have plenty to tell. 

If you Choose a Nusa Dua Hotel you are Close by  

We have visited: Nikki Beach Bali; The Westin; Inaya Putri Bali; new accommodation coming up on the cliff and also information concerning the whole complex and what used to be our favorite hotel for years

Bali Sports Fly Boarding

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