Bali Sanur; Safe Beach,
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Bali Sanur is the first beach that was developed for international tourists and Bali Beach was the first upscale hotel in Bali. A natural coral reef keeps the currents away and therefore keeps it safe. During low tide the basin between the beach and the reef is quite empty. It is a good idea to wear plastic shoes when in the water to prevent cuts from sharp rocks and pieces of coral reef.

Few years back the sand had eroded due to destruction of the reef. It has been shored up and looks as lovely as ever. The whole length of the beach is lined with beautiful hotels, restaurants and resorts. Here you have floating pavilions on the sea, set up by hotels for their guests. Water sport is offered in many varieties.

Are You up for a Culinary Adventure?

Taste a typical Indonesian Fish Soup or Sop Ikan cooked with mainly the head of the fish and plenty of local vegetables, herbs and spices and just a few chilies. In the tropical heat it is healthy to once in a while consume a warm clear, tasty and light broth full of natural ingredients. Of course it is served with white rice.  You can also order noodle dishes and the typical Sate or meat skewers served with peanut sauce and grilled right in front of you.

Warung Bambo is located near the traffic light Jl. Danau Toba a bit down from Mc Donald. It is an open air eatery with bamboo walls for locals; it can’t get any simpler than that. When we were there the police chief had his lunch; very good proof that this is delicious food.

Do you Fancy Italian Ice-cream and Pizza?

In the past the eateries were secluded behind closed doors, now everybody is spilling on to the streets and sharing their food to the passerby’s. Massimo Italian Restaurant not far from where Jl. Danau Tamblingan  meets Jl. Danau Poso is a prime example of this. The display of his gelato (ice-cream) choices is located smack on the side walk so you cannot but stare at the beautifully arranged dessert waiting behind the well-lit Plexiglas.

Step through the garden terrace, pass the traditional pizza oven and enter into a European restaurant with white linens and a very Italian menu. While waiting for the locally made Bocconcini (Buffalo Mozzarella) with tomato we nibbled homemade Grissini.  All their food is authentic and delicious; I even took home a loaf of dark bread they bake every day.

In Need of Doing Laundry?

Are you looking for a Laundromat or coin laundry, a shop with a row of washing machines and dryers? Well here it is; the first and only one I have seen so far in Bali. There are many laundries around where your cloths get washed, dried, ironed and folded. This one here is self service. It is one of the street side shops in a small complex close to the intersection of Jl. Danau Tamblingan and Jl Danau Poso, opposite Massimo.

Museum of a Painter on Bali Sanur Beach

On a prime piece of real estate on the beach sits what used to be the house of the famous Belgian painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres and his muse and wife Ni Nyoman Pollok a Legong dancer. His paintings took the European colonialists by storm in 1934 and also made this mysterious island, its people and culture a travel destination. Today the whole estate has lost its former glory; it is in desperate need of preservation.

Bali Sanur Hotels we Visited for You

There is an Inn located behind the museum and practical suites on the south end. Other hotels we have visited in Sanur are this luxurious hotel for summer holidays and a good meeting destination

A hotel on the other side of the island has named a very luxurious and private villa after the painter

Bali Sanur

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