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Just writing about it is not enough; you need to see Bali pictures to appreciate the beauty of nature, luxury in accommodation, and uniqueness in culture. Her I give you some glimpses of what you miss if you do not at least once travel to this tropical paradise. 

Should you Visit Bali?

I am sitting in a restaurant enjoying a typical American Hamburger with French Fries and a freshly squeezed tropical fruit juice while looking out over the yellow sand and blue ocean. A typical Italian Cappuccino helps me relax and contemplate my love and relationship with this exotic, mystical, beautiful island Bali.  

The view is exactly the same as the first time I explored this island of the gods about 35 years ago; even then we could savor international food in star rated hotels. Then I was working for a Swiss tour operator and was stationed here to look after our tourists.

The Bali of Today

Today, of course, the number of travelers has multi-multiplied. There are many more hotels, villas, resorts, home stays and activities than back then. You have many more choices of beaches that have been developed for international guests for their comfort.

Sports activities on and below the sea have been invented and developed and yet, guests still rent the relatively small but very sturdy outrigger boats of the fishermen to discover the Turtle Island off Sanur Beach. On the many rivers that flow from the mountains to the sea, you can river raft and the newest sport is Canyoning. Put on a diving skin and explore waterfalls and canyons in the north of Bali.

Bali Pictures of the Most Touristic Spots

Kuta too has changed drastically. What used to be the beach for surfers and backpackers with bamboo huts, warungs (local small shops and eateries) and losmen or basic accommodations has become a stylish center to pass one's holidays. Elegant boutiques along the streets offer local and international fashion. From the batik bikinis and shorts to handmade lace dresses to well-known surf and sportswear. Beer gardens gear up for soccer season or any other event to have a reason to party. 

In Seminyak which is north of Kuta, entrepreneurs come up with the most ingenious restaurants, luxury retreats to lounge around and to see and be seen. And of course, you can also pass your time in a mall. I remember these places as cheap shopping centers with shacks where tee-shirts and batik dresses flapped in the wind. The two lain main street leading out of town and as far as the hotel Oberoi was still flanked by beautiful rice fields and small temples dedicated to Dewi Sri the goddess of rice and fertility.

Women bringing tall offerings of food and flowers to the temple on Galungan KuninganWomen bringing tall offerings of food and flowers to the temple on Galungan Kuningan

Other famous and busy centers in the south like Nusa Dua were getting developed, Benoa, the center for water sports was nothing then. And Ubud was a sleepy village in the mountains for artists with very few luxurious accommodations on top of cliffs and rivers. 

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Bali Offers a Variety of Hotels

Here some cheap accommodation in the south: Best Western in Kuta, close to the beach. A big convention hotel in Sanur. Harris Hotel next to the airport. A villa close to Jimbaran Beach; and a villa in Benoa close to water sports 

Bali Pictures

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