Bali Luxury Hotel; Meet Hotel Tugu at Canggu Beach 

Not expecting any Bali luxury hotel on this side of the island; Kathy and I were driving around exploring the latest hot spots when we discovered the following.

Hidden under greenery a block away from the up and coming Batu Bolong surfing beach is what looks like inconspicuous lodging. But once you walk through the gate, along the dressed column lined walkway into the impressive hall dominated by a giant Garuda statue and delicately edged windows, reminiscent of colonial times your realize you are in another world far away from a surfing beach.

We accidently stumbled across this beautiful property and just had to see the rooms. This hotel is keen on privacy and each suit has its own entrance or staircase. The architecture and décor is a mixture of old Javanese and Balinese wooden dwellings and the furniture is wood, antiques, sensual paintings. The luxurious hand carved wooden poster beds with curtains are lavishly fitted with modern high thread sheets and goose-down pillows. The atmosphere is royal, yet relaxed and unbelievably comfortable.

One of the Traditional Bali Luxury Hotel  

If you want to have your private pool next to the bed room, choose a villa downstairs. Here the bathroom is open to the garden and a Koi fish pond ends on the far wall. If you are searching for a place to spend the most romantic holidays, these spacious rooms will definitely surpass your expectation.

A downstairs room will offer you a little garden inside your private walls and upstairs a closed in terrace with a table and sofas and a huge round pounded metal bathtub let into the wooden floor. If you need a rest or a massage, the daybed is conveniently place next to the tub.

Need Space and Absolute Privacy?

If you really want to be pampered with enough private space and luxurious amenities, choose one of the two puri or castles. This is the place to celebrate your honeymoon or special anniversary. These deluxe suites are dedicated to European artists who helped make Bali known to the world through their art. The Puri Le Mayeur sits on a vast lotus pond and the Puri Walter Spies shows off the art deco era of Java. These two villas offer plenty of privacy and superb amenities.

Tiered of staying in your suite? Relax next to the pool just off the restaurant and surrounded by a lush tropical garden; or walk a few steps, through the backyard gate onto a private lawn with easy chairs overlooking the Indian Ocean and the black sand beach of Batu Bolong, the surf and action in the water.

This is your ultimate luxury hotel in Bali, Hotel Tugu Bali, Jl Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu Beach

Other lavish accommodation:

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Does it have to be in Kuta, Legian

There is a Le Mayeur museum in Sanur.

Bali Luxury Hotel

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