Bali Indonesia; A Luxury Hotel Destination

Bali Indonesia is the first international holiday destination in Indonesia that was developed by the government. Beautiful hotel resorts with gracious service situated in lush tropical gardens line some of the long sandy beaches.  Entertainment and sports activities too are flourishing in the tourist centers and quaint accommodations in rural areas cater to relaxing, invigorating rest and relax. 

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What Makes Bali Indonesia Different from Other Holiday Destinations  

The unique Balinese culture is a something you should be interested in when visiting the island of the gods. The locals are living their lifestyle as they have done for many centuries and they are very open and welcoming to outsiders. Some of these extraordinary art forms like dances or performances are organized for tourists and are pretty much the way they are presented in temples or royal palaces. Some of the life cycle rituals are celebrated in plain sight and tourists are generally accept. Please respect the Balinese sensitivity by dressing conservatively when attending any and every aspect of their culture.

Uniquely Balinese 

  • Kecak Dance, a one in a kind dance performance that you can watch from stunning temple amphitheaters. Here is my old picture from about 30 years ago; go to the next page to see my new ones in 2016
  • Barong Dance; Batubulan always was and still is THE place to watch this dance performance depicting the struggle between god and evil. 
  • Ogoh-Ogoh; enjoy the night of the monsters leading up to
  • Nyepi or Bali Day of silence; when it is too late to leave. Nowhere in the world will you find an international tourist destination that dares to shut down all and every activity for a whole day except Bali.
  • Ngaben is the Balinese Cremation Ceremony. We had the great chance to watch a royal one in Ubud in 2016. Compare the old pictures on this page and the new ones on the next page.
  • Here is a list of religious festivals part one and here part two with other exciting dates included

Here are more stories about what makes Bali Indonesia memorable.

How did Bali Develop 

Since this island never had resources like unique spices or coal and oil to exploit it was pretty much off the trade routes for many centuries and was left to develop its own unique culture and religion. After the collapse of the vast and influential East Javanese Kingdom of Majapahit around 1500, many of the last princes, courtiers and artists fled to Bali.

The temples, festivals, dances and music we experience today are a synthesis of the Bali Aga as the original inhabitants are called and the influx of these Javanese ideas many centuries ago. Although the majority of the population is Hindu it is quite different from what we see in India.

One of the Many Islands in this Huge Archipelago  

Bali Indonesia is one of over 17,000 islands. Indonesia is located between the Asian mainland and Australia. It is a multicultural hub where many different local languages and traditions still exist and co-habit. The capital is Jakarta on the island of Java and is a modern, international business and shopping metropolis.

Bali has been a magnet for foreigners for over 50 years. It first attracted artists who experienced and painted the beauty of the land and the people. Then followed the tourists who wanted to enjoy the sandy beaches and turquoise waters on one hand and be mesmerized by the mythical dances and temple festivals on the other.

Bali can be reached by ferry from the Eastern most tip of Java; the harbor is in Banyuwangi. Ferries that load cars, buses and trucks reach Gilimanuk, the harbor on the Western tip of Bali in about thirty minutes. The easiest way for most tourists though is simply to hop on a plane somewhere.

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Bali Indonesia

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