Bali Indonesia Hotels Resorts; 18 Suite Villa Loft Kuta

Are you looking for Bali Indonesia hotels resorts? Are you searching for something special, something a bit different? Here you got it, very private suites and lofts right in the heart of Kuta. This establishment is in a little quiet alley away from the busy main street Jl. Kartika; a few minutes’ walk from many restaurants, shops and also Malls Lippo and Discovery and Waterbom Bali a day of fun every child at heart.

Bali Indonesia Hotels Resort: We show you 18 Suite Villa Loft Kuta

Hospitality operators in Bali are and always have been very creative in their architecture incorporating local culture and materials and more and more also incredibly luxurious amenities to pamper you.

In a tropical paradise like Bali the open concept is nothing new. Here at 18 Suite you have an elevated open living room with a private swimming pool right there with a glass wall toward the open kitchen island and a table in the pool next to it.

The lavish bedroom suite is upstairs and features a four poster bed with romantic white curtains. The gorgeous bathtub, sink and open closet are partitioned off with a half wall; you can get to it from either side. There are white clean pebbles surrounding the tub, maybe to indicate a river. The shower and water closet are enclosed in a glass cubicle and the door is used to close off the shower or the toilet.  

The floors throughout the suite are polished wood in the living spaces and dark tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Accents are created by beautiful wallpaper and patterned tiles. The mattress and bedding are luxurious. The bedroom is cooled by air conditioning whilst the living room is open toward the pool which is open to the sky.

Cross ventilation absolutely necessary in tropical climates is solved cleverly. The interior wall leading to the bedroom on the second floor is built with slits that let plenty of air through from the courtyard but no gaze. On the other side the wall next to the pool overgrown with greenery closes off the first and second floor to any neighbor; not even gardeners will peek through shrubs.

Design Your own Luxurious Retreat

Jl Kartika Plaza, Gg Pudak Sari, Kuta

These suites come with one or two bedrooms and are designed for absolute privacy. You can stay in your suite for days without seeing anybody, as long as you have shopped your food supply. You can also order room service. How about booking your suite including breakfast; it will be served on your kitchen table. All these amenities make 18 suites a great hang out place for the Bali Day or Nyepi.

These villas are perfect for honeymooners of any age; order special decoration, cakes or romantic dinner served in your own space. The staff is well trained, friendly and very helpful; they will do almost everything to help you create your perfect retreat.

Kathy and I stayed here in August which is the dry season. Cold winter winds from Australia sometimes brush over the South of Bali which makes the climate very pleasant. In the rainy season, there might be mosquitoes attracted by the open pool and the foliage. 18 Suite is prepared for this; the whole property is cold fogged several times a week.

For added protection just draw the mesh curtains to close off the living room and kitchen or roll down the blinds if you get too much rain. There are also mosquito repelling appliances all around the suite, use them abundantly and before you are bitten.

Kathy and I definitely recommend 18 Suit Villa Loft at Kuta, this one in a kind Bali Indonesia hotels resorts, for a quiet private holiday.

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Bali Indonesia Hotels Resorts

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