Bali Hotels Legian; a Unique Concept

These days Bali hotels Legian which is an important part of Kuta offers you an immense variety of accommodations. You can select from fabulous 5star rated beach front hotels to simple and affordable local style rooms; and everything in-between. How about this one Bliss Surfer Hotel

This is a colorful surfer lobby in the middle of Legian in Bali

Bliss Surfer Hotel is the kind of hotel that is in-between.  It is a 4star rated hotel with a unique twist; it is in the middle of urban Legian and still manages to have a bar set on a sandy beach. How is that possible?

When you come around the bend in a taxi make sure that the driver goes slow because it is easy to miss it. It is the kind of hotel that uses the available space extremely well. Once you have gotten a glimpse of it there is no doubt in your mind; you know that you have arrived.

The whole front of the building is decorated with surfboards and a huge wave sculpture welcomes you into the reception area. The hotel feels spacious light and full of dynamic colors. Life size and vibrant surf scenes are painted onto walls in the public areas.

Bali hotels Legian, a beach bar far from the beach

Why Choose this one of all Bali Hotels Legian

Behind the reception you can step right into the bar built on sand transported in from the beach. This is also the only hotel I know that serves you a glass of chilled Beer as welcome drink.  Behind the bar is the good sized swimming pool with deck chairs right in the water. Choose a room on the ground floor and you will be able to access the pool practically from your bed.

The rooms too carry the surf theme through beautifully. Surfaces are kept simple and natural, polished cement with a surf board or a painting are stunning and fresh. Since it is a four star hotel you will have a good sized bathroom with all modern amenities, good quality beds to assure excellent rest, mini bar, and of course internet access right from you room.

Most rooms overlook the swimming pool and have a balcony with a relaxing alcove with a padded bench and table. I love to sit out there dreaming about exploring Bali.

The breakfast buffet is ample with many different options to please all palates. It is served in the restaurant opposite the bar. Looking at the quirky paintings of hippie VW vans from the 70s plus listening to the Reggae music and interacting with friendly, professional and cool waiters makes one smile right from the start of the day. This is a comfortable way to pass your holidays in a hotel in the middle of Legian and yet on the beach.

The cool pool is situated in the middle of the property in this hotel in Legian

Overcoming limitations to get to the Top; Leading Bliss Surfer Hotel and much more!

On a quiet evening we were having dinner in the restaurant Karl told us his surprising story. Today he is the CEO and owner of Core Hospitality International, the company that manages Bliss Surfer Hotel. He came up with this very unique concept to set it apart from other Bali hotels Legian. That day he was on site to make sure all of Core policies are implemented correctly and constantly.

Karl: “I was not expected to actually ‘make it’. As a child I struggled first with a learning difficulty and on top of that also with a sleep disorder. Hard work and focus on my goals helped me overcome limitations and led me to an unlikely career in the food industry. I have worked for many famous hotels in Asia: Sari Pan Pacific and Mandarin Jakarta to name just a few. Every few years I wanted to move to increase my knowledge and know-how. I knew that I had to stay alert and I always got very good recommendations.”

Karl Waelti CEO of Core Hospitality International training his staff at Bali hotels Legian!

The colorful conference room in a business and yet surfer themed hotel in Bali

For years now he is his own boss and helps many hotel owners sleep well at night because their properties and investments are well taken care of. Karl also loves to help his employees chart their career plans. He has proven that in the hospitality industry you can work your way up to the top relatively easy but not without very hard work.

Bliss Surfer Hotel, Jl Sriwijaya 88, Legian is a very good choice if you are looking for a fun, colorful stay in the middle of an urban center. Strolling down to the beach will take about 15 minutes and you will pass a multitude of shops and eateries. Take in the sights of everyday life in Bali and stay at one of the hip Bali hotels Legian.


Bali Hotels Legian

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