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Bali Hotel Videos show details of what Bali accommodations have to offer. We are trying to show you the important details of the rooms, bathrooms and other important areas of the hotel that are important to you. When in Bali you should make an effort to discover some of this unique culture this island has to offer. Some of it you can see in your hotel and for some, you need to travel a bit. 

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The Unique Culture Preserved

What held a major attraction for me though were the locals. Bali is a unique island. Visually stunning, a tropical garden with the most varied plants, trees and fragrant flowers; beautiful yellow sand beaches with clear blue and turquoise waters and majestic mountains and an absolutely fascinating culture.

I always wondered what all these tourists will do to the local religion and way of life. I am happy to report that the daily rituals of crafting little offerings from coconut leaves with rice, flowers! Cigarettes, fruit, and incense are still executed exactly the same way as I remember. Morning and evening you can observe it done in every hotel, shop and private home.

My Bali Hotel Videos are on YouTube

The Penjors, long bamboo poles with coconut leave decorations are still lining the streets for special occasions. Women still pile high their offerings of rice and chickens and fruit to bring in procession to the temples to be blessed and eaten by the community. The dead are sent off into the afterlife with elaborate structures, first carried through the streets in a high tower and then burnt in an animal-shaped coffin.

Magical dances to drive away evil forces to restore balance are performed. Some of them are shown to visitors and have become the symbols for Bali like the Kecak Dance performed at nightfall around a candle tree using the sound of male voices only for rhythm and retelling the famous Hindu tale of Rama and Shinta. Or the Barong Dance the never-ending struggle between the good and bad forces in this world; and yet there is the human touch the fun and laughter intertwined too. 

Wherever you go in Bali you can see the culture and religion. Statues guarding temples and street crossings wear checkerboard patterned cloths around their waists guarantying the all-important balance in life and a stack of small daily offerings in its hands and feet.

Watch my YouTube Channel for videos of these dances and celebrations.

The culmination must be Nyepi, the Bali Day of Silence. Although the island is and has been for many years a well known international tourist destination, the locals insist in celebrating it the way they have been doing it for centuries. The whole island shuts down for one full day, no planes in the sky, no buses ferrying around tourists, nobody and I mean nobody may leave their houses or compounds. Everything has to be and is silent, still without activities. Balinese meditate, reflect and calm themselves for balance. 

Yes, Bali is Definitely worth a Trip

I have finished my coffee and also my reflection. Is Bali still worth visiting? Yes, absolutely, this is a unique destination and something to add to your bucket list. Enjoy the luxury and indulge in incredible hotels, resorts, and villas built on sandy beaches or golf courses, on top of cliffs and canyons and along lovely rice fields. If you want to see the real Bali though, stay away from the big centers in the south and also the artist’s village of Ubud. Choose a location in a quieter area and observe the locals going about their day. Watch their love and appreciation of nature and dedication to their unique beliefs. 

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You can Find Luxury Accommodation all over Bali

 Let's start in the South, there are many at Nusa Dua, here is one; this is also one of my Bali hotel videos my You Tube Channel. 

In Kuta: Kuta Seaview Resort + Spa; further up the coast at Tanah Lot; then over to the other side to Sanur, Prama Sanur Beach  and in the middle Balquisse Heritage Hotel 

Bali Hotel Video

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