Why Quest Bali Hotel
Kuta Appealed to us

A glorious pool in a little space

We were looking for an affordable Bali hotel Kuta; price was the governing factor. Another big selling point was that it was new. Although it is not operated by a big or famous brand; it follows the modern, stylish and new business trend in Indonesia. We were benching that Quest Hotel would also invest into a great team and we weren't disappointed.

New, affordable and heavily invested to make an impression; I'm sold!

1. Smell
Being located in Bali and in the Kuta area, the air is scented with salt water, incense sticks and flowers, so hotels do not really have to do too much. The Quest Hotel's Lobby is small, really open and straight forward. There is no wow factor and you can pretty much see the receptionist from across the street. But it is close to the airport; 20 minutes will get you there even in traffic.

2. Lighting
During the day, the ground floor with its public area is flooded by indirect day light. At night, lots of lamps make it bright and vivid.

3. Service
The staffs greet with attentive hellos and speak and understand English adequately. Sometimes there are moments where they disappear but usually not for long. Hit the bell or call slightly louder.

Bali hotel Kuta, restaurant is great for celebrations with friends

4.  Cleanliness and Safety
Our room had a comfortable double bed, clean, fully air conditioned and enough space to open up a suitcase, satellite TV, working Wi-Fi and new bathroom. Plus the room had a balcony, great for drying wet swimming clothes and sipping a coffee in the morning.

This Bali hotel Kuta is far from the beach but you can sort of see the sunset in the horizon, no tall buildings are blocking your view. I usually keep my prized possessions locked in my bag, to be double sure nothing will be missing; this time I accidently left my phone charging on the table and it was fine.

5. Locale                                                                                                                                             No mini bar is available, but a small fridge is there and it is easy to make a quick stop at a convenience store near the hotel to get your private essentials. A few ATMs are positioned a walking distance away. One is located right in front of a water park, imagine that, forgot to mention that; it did look quite deserted …

I especially appreciated the laundry just across the street. Traveling with a toddler we ended up with a pile of wet and dirty cloth fast. You can find Cuci Kiloan all around Indonesia and you pay by weight; one kilo costs less than a dollar. They will wash, dry, even iron and fold your cloth. If you have something delicate or a shirt or dress that needs special attention and careful ironing, ask the hotel to do it.

Is there anything to love?

The staff attitude was very positive and helpful wanting to please all guests. At our check out day I went to our rented car and I found a flat tire. What should I do? I asked security, within five minutes, a middle aged man wearing a greasy shirt arrived with tools in his hand to greet me. "Hi!" I said, "Can you help me?" while I pointed at the tire. "Sure" he said, within half an hour, he had the car on a jack, taken off the tire, brought it to his shack, fixed the nail puncture, pumped air in to it and put it back on to the car like nothing had happened. I thought to myself, only in Kuta and only in the Quest can you find almost anything around the corner. Cool!

Is there Value for Money in this Bali hotel Kuta

A fancy birthday cake made to order in Kuta, Bali

I wanted to surprise my brother on his birthday with a very special cake. There are several bakeries in and around Kuta and Denpasar but none of them could produce my vision of a unique, one of a kind design… until I went to Pepito Bakery, cakes made to order, Sentral  Retailindo, Dewata, Jl Kediri 36 A, Tuban Bali. They even did it below the average price of other bakeries and delivered an absolute masterpiece, delicious to eat, spectacular to look at. When Azzam first saw it he screamed: “Look it’s Daddy!”

Quest Hotel Kuta, Jl Kediri 9 in Tuban is not a big brand, it still needs time to prove itself, but I am getting information from friends that here the breakfast value is higher than similar hotels nearby. The intangible service they provided exceeded what I had paid for. I'm happy. This is one of the cool Bali hotel Kuta ideal for young families too.

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